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  1. Worried about him? Worried about him?!

    Sorry, but eff that guy. What an absolute coward.

    What you do is contact a divorce lawyer and have a cocktail in the bath. Then get your ass to therapy and get on with the rest of your life.

    You don't want this man back; he belongs in the trash.

  2. If you were the fiancé – would you want to know?

    She's going to find out. eventually. and it will be bad.

    Get ahead of it. Be accountable.

    It's going to be awful, but at lease you will have control over it.

    Don't get weird with details, but give timelines: “was in an on-again /off-again relationship with your fiancé from 2019 to 2021 – blocked him for over a year but recently hes contacted me again trying to pick back up the relationship”

  3. Different socioeconomic status and different level of education both can work alright in a relationship, if both of you aren't too focused on it.

    My husband and me come from very different backgrounds (and he had a shitty childhood and went no contact with his family due to everything they put him through). We went to different school types, graduating on different levels. He never had much money, and while my folks weren't rich, we managed to get by alright, I studied while he worked in a steel mill and didn't get another job after losing that one due to health issues.

    We both don't care for status or money as long as we make ends meet. We don't care for societies expectations on who has to work or earn more or stuff, or that you should only be with someone on the same educational level. We see and treat each other as the equals we are, no matter what society may think about that.

  4. What a loser. He doesn't need to satisfy you completely. Don't tell him that. He needs to see it as a tool. And get a lovense so he can control it remotely

  5. That is true but does not negate any of the above. Something can be understandable and yet extremely difficult to live with day to day

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