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  1. He should not want to spend time with someone that hurt you so much. Plain and simple.

    This isn’t an issue of trust. It’s simply— she’s a bad person that has hurt you many times. Why would you want her in your life? Would you want your partner in hers? He shouldn’t want to be part of her band.

  2. It’s so hard!! I feel like when I think about our relationship being like this for the next 80 years I know that I couldn’t be happy with that. But if you change this one part he would be so perfect lol and I know you can’t change people but my heart doesn’t understand that

  3. Absolutely not. Not sure where you are located at or which country. However in the US, they have payment plans for tickets etc.

    Stop dating women who use you. It's her responsibility not yours.

  4. I'll always try my best to think over before I act and speak. she doesn't like being yelled at, which I unpurposelly do quite often to her, I really feel guilty

  5. I didn't say he sounds depressed or anxious, I said he sounds psychotic. He's ranting about how your brother is an evil person who deserves to die, but can't describe a single bad thing that your brother has done.

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  7. OH FUCK NO NOT ONLY DID HE HIT YOU HE HIT YOUR CHILD(even if it was by accident)

    I would pack up and leave, or call the cops and boot him out.

    he wouldn’t purposefully harm our child).

    HE ?FUCKING? HIT ?YOU? ON? PURPOSE ? why risk him hitting your child next? Or worse he gets angry and out of frustration shakes the baby?

  8. So my partner is away for work and me and this guy are still FaceTiming everyday and now of a night, half way through the week when we were FaceTiming I decided to go and jump in the shower and instead of ending the call I took the iPad in with me and propped it up whilst I was in the shower and continued talking to him, nothing sexual happened though (I know this is extremely weird) he had also done the same thing in return on another day, had a shower whilst I was on the phone, and nothing happened that time either, we had never done anything like that over FaceTime it was always on Snapchat, towards the end of the week my partner surprised me and came home a day early, he caught me off guard so I was in a funny mood with him ( he’s told me I was angry at him, but I’m not sure how angry I was if that’s the case) but he went and had a shower and told me we were working it out after, as at this point he had suspicions I was up to no good, when we talked he was asking me all these things that was bothering me or that would cause me to be angry, he mentioned sexuality and I rolled with that to throw him off me talking to someone, we ended up arguing and I stayed else where for the night, the next day we had worked it out and had told him I was talking to a guy but just told him we were friends and then blocked him infront of my partner. We were doing good and working on all the issues in the relationship for the week, my partner had taken a week off work so we could spend time together, it was all going great but then towards the end of the week for whatever stupid reason I decided to unblock this guy, (I think part of this reason was I wanted to see how quick he went off and replaced me sorta thing, as before my partner and I argued he had mentioned he loved me which I said back but I really don’t think what we both felt was love for that matter like I said before I think it was about something new and a lust side of it maybe) so me and this guy start talking again but it wasn’t how it was and we weren’t talking all that much, come the weekend Saturday morning he sent me a good morning message with x’s my partner had opened the Snapchat and was fuming, which is understandable, we spent a night apart again, and had somewhere to be the following day so we did all that and enjoyed ourselves for the day. We talked about the situation a couple times over a week and a bit and I kept lying stating how things didn’t really happen and there was no concern, my partner knew that wasn’t the case so one day decided to trick me (I had completely wiped any trace of this guy, there were no messages or anything to look back on) he plugged my phone in and acted as if he recovered stuff from it and asked me again if it was sexual, I ended up telling him yes but only once, we end up arguing and then talking about it afterwards but again I didn’t tell him everything and lied again. I felt so scared to sit down and tell him everything, there were times I tried too and i would start letting little bits out and he would lose it after saying one this that had happened, so I would only say bits at a time instead of just giving him the whole run down, (Comment 1)

  9. Let's say, she did do it on purpose.

    What would your following actions be?

    Would you try and capitalize on it? Get her number and flirt with her?

    Is the girl who are seeing not good enough for you or something.

    Do you really need to get it in with this roommate of hers because her nips were showing through her shirt.

    She came home from a work day and changed into something comfortable. Relax a little dude. Not everything is hint for you. Just focus on your fwb, that is who you are there for in the first place.

  10. This is a textbook abusive relationship. Even if it's not physically abusive (yet), he is breaking you down mentally.

    I've been in your spot before, he made me feel like i was worthless and broken, and it made leaving extremely hard. When i did break up with him (after years of my life and self-worth wasted), he came back crying and swearing to change, but of course the “change” lasted a week. He made me feel like im trash, but he didn't want to break up, he wanted to keep me under his control. People like this are mentally sick and twisted, you can't change them, and i honestly don't think theyre capable of changing.

    You should look into ways of getting out, believe me there's much better partners out there. And don't just accept the “flaws” he points out about you. That is his tactic, to make you feel horrible about yourself and unable to leave him. It makes you think things like “im so ugly and worthless, i should be grateful the he accepts me”. Fuck this guy.

    Consider reaching out for support from friends and family. Based on what you said about your bf, i expect he tried to distance you from any supportive people in your life. If theyre decent people, reaching out to them cant be worse than dealing with your abusive bf.

    You are plenty capable of being without this guy, you just have to find the will to try. You say he deserves someone who is up to his “standards” (believe me he would try to tear down a perfect woman, it doesnt matter to him), but what about you? YOU deserve someone who loves you, and makes you feel happy and good about youself! For now just try to get out, with how horrible he makes you feel, things can only be better without him.

  11. Your entire Reddit existence revolves around you playing video games all day and bitching about this guy since you started dating him within 2 months since you found out he has kids.

    For 2 fucking years everyone has said to dump him.

    Shit or get off the pot. Stop complaining about him on here and just break up with the guy. It's literally that easy.

  12. It really hurts me that she thinks it’s an appropriate thing to say

    Aw poor baby’s feelings got hurt 🙁 boohoo.

    You know what else probably hurts? Seeing your husband essentially disregard wedding vows. That’s what your friend is doing and what you are doing by extension.

    Unfortunately, it may cause a strife in our marriage if we can’t come to a compromise.

    Oh don’t even worry about that, your wife will leave you long before that lol

  13. Id bet the brother has been putting ideas in his head and he has latched on to them. I have seen it happen before. I know I wouldn't be able to move on quickly either. Your reaction is very normal. He may come crawling back when he realises what he left behind. My advice would be to take your time. Do things for yourself. If he wants to come back that's something only you can decide to let happen. Its a rocky road but you'll find what you need.

  14. Polyamorous person here:

    This is not really an open marriage as one would see in poly or swinger circles. This is a legal marriage for the sake of insurance which is effectively over. The minute he’s back on his feet they are divorcing as long as Sami doesn’t get pregnant. I would bet my entire paycheck.

    Your husband is the real issue here. It seems extremely controlling that he expects you to ditch a decade long friendship because he doesn’t approve of Sami’s choices and he is so insecure in his relationship with you that he’s worried her hellscape of a marriage might encourage you to want an open relationship.

    Are you his wife or his child?

    Because for me: regardless of whether I am in a monogamous or polygamous relationship- NO ONE dictates to me who my friends are. Especially not for a reason that is so disrespectful to your autonomy and intelligence.

    He is deeply insecure if he needs to socially isolate you from your friend in order to feel safe: and this is a massive red flag.

    I would tell him I am not dumping my friend, and the only way I am continuing with this marriage is if we go directly to counseling because a- nobody tells me who my friends are and b- if you can’t trust me to hold to the agreements we made when we married: you don’t trust me and that is a much bigger problem.

  15. I absolve you of any guilt regarding leaving this man. Being with the wrong person is like being in prison already, much less being with a person who takes his job as warden so seriously. I'm sorry there are kids involved, but you have full, absolute and enthusiastic permission to be free of this exhausting man.

    I dated a guy like this once, and after dumping him, I can't describe the feelings I felt. It was like I had been living under a gigantic weight that was suddenly gone and I could be myself without worrying 24/7 about what he and his “allies” thought of me. Fuck traditionalists and pressuring women to live that maid/secretary life.

  16. You're very welcome! And I get it, some people just don't care or have the mental bandwidth. My wife being one of those people. It gets old, I agree.

  17. The right response is to dump these friends because they are not friends, they're creeps who can't stop thinking about their own pleasure and just view you as a whole human (gross).

    What you've done with anyone else isn't relevant; you are not obligated to have sex with everyone you meet and the fact that these men thought they'd get some because of your other life choices is vile and demeaning.

    I'm sorry you've learned this about them, but better now than years later. You deserve better; weed out these kind of people.

  18. i understand this perfectly, i need alone time too. ultimately you have to communicate that with a more anxious-attachment style partner, and it eventually gets better and they get more understanding of your boundaries and needs.

    if they don't, that's a sign they're not for you. i once had a guy scream at me to the point where i cried in front of thirty people because i didn't text him when i left my office at work. that's NOT what you want this to come to.

  19. Does he understand that this is a line for you? It kind of reads like he thinks because there's nothing physical there's nothing going on but you're troubled by him having an emotional affair/using yet for emotional validation.

  20. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    some context: he’s always been a traveler type and we have both lived in a way that has put us in positions of being non-necessity hitchhikers ourselves in the past, and we both have picked up plenty of people from the side of the road.

    i no longer stop to help people due to an incident that happened in 2017..

    essentially, i welcomed in some travelers to take showers, use the wifi etc, and let’s just say my house burned down that night. i lost everything. it was traumatic.

    the altruism left my body that night and i feel terrible about it, but i no longer go out of my way to help people. i do not consider it a risk i can afford.

    this was when we started dating so he’s always known me to be against it, when actually i’ve been the exact same way he is my whole life up until that incident.

    driving home from DC last evening we saw two people walking on the side of 70 and he started to slow down and i was like NOOOO please don’t. we didn’t have an inch of space in the truck and we had the only two valuables i even have, my laptop and ipad. He didn’t stop but made a comment about us having different values.

    i’m fuming still today and the only thing i’ve said to him is that if his were higher he would maybe consider me over strangers.

    but honestly. i feel terrible. i hate how horrible people are. I hate comment sections. i hate how rude and inconsiderate people are. i’ve always tried to live in a way where i was never that person learning boundaries as i got older.

    i don’t feel like myself with this level of misanthropy. I’m walking around with unconditional positive regard just absolutely loathing people at the same time and this is a personal value i am sensitive over because i am not happy to have lost it.

    i don’t understand how he is equating this to “values.” he is really easy to talk to but i feel too angry right now to even try.

    am i making this into a bigger deal than it is?

  21. I have no idea what I want at this point bc I feel so blindsided and caught in a whirlwind. I wish I never started talking to this guy now. Maybe I feel like he has certain traits that my husband lacks and that’s why I’m interested

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