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Date: September 24, 2022

8 thoughts on “Emma Williams live webcams for YOU!

  1. I was so surprised when the question at the end of this story was “did she cheat?”and not “she’s gay, right?”

  2. Whether there is someone else in his life or not, he doesn’t treat you like a GF and it doesn’t seem like he is ever going to. And I don’t think there is anything you can do to change that except walk away.

  3. The real question is: why would you want to stay? She doesn’t love your child. Her child doesn’t like you. She spit at you. You tried to hit her (I don’t care what your intent was here).

    Divorce her, be single and enjoy your life with your kid for a bit and get the crazy out.

    This is all so volatile.

  4. Read this out loud to yourself. What would you tell a friend? You aren’t a priority. This can’t be what you want. It’s a terrible feeling to be lonely while in a relationship. You are no longer compatible. It’s time to grieve and move on.

  5. Something changed two months ago. If your partner was great previously ask him what’s going on and why the change. Tell him you want to understand so you can support him but that his behavior is not ok and he risks losing you. It’s weird that it would just start out of the blue. Something is up.

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