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  2. thanks for this! i’ll try bringing in snacks and offering them to people 🙂 while i’m friendly with everyone (like the few times they approach me about work), i’m not friends with anyone at all. i’ve participated in all our work events but the problem still persists.

  3. Self-awareness can take time. Best advice I can give is to encourage him to take time to think about it, and tell him that it's important to you.

    If he's had an awful time with an ex, it can have ramifications on trust and intimacy even if you're the polar opposite. I wouldn't take it as a comment on yourself, more that he has some healing to do if that is the case.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with deciding that you aren't okay with waiting till he's healed if you don't want to.

    If it helps, if he's felt that way with a previous partner then it's very likely a “when” not “if”.

  4. I did wait till they broke up before making it official, however I do put the pressure for him to break it off. We only start to hook up AFTER they broke up

  5. I will just say that statistically, at least in the US, men leave their sick wives at a staggering rate – much, much more often than women leave sick husbands. Have you had any sort of illness since you’ve been together? Anything where you were feeling really bad compared to a typical day? If so, how did he behave?

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