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Date: October 2, 2022

37 thoughts on “Irresistible99 live webcams for YOU!

  1. She said she wasn’t ready for a relationship and you gave her space. Then she followed up by telling you she doesn’t have feelings for you anymore. It doesn’t sound like this girl wants you to reach out again.

  2. She had diarrhea or her period started….regardless, clearly she doesn't want to discuss it so respect that. She is a functional adult. If she wants your notes, she'll ask

  3. When a person is hiv+ and takes meds they become what's called undetectable, meaning it isn't detected in the blood, and cannot sexually pass the infection.

  4. They’re not conservative views – they’re arsehole views… he’s a horrible person and you can do better

  5. Get a lawyer. Get sole custody. Make him pay. It's the best outcome given his bullshit. That guy is unable to raise a child or have a healthy relationship.

  6. She stated in the post she doesn't want the child. What point is there in you pretending she thinks the “child is up for grabs” rather than the very obvious focus of discovering something and not knowing how to process it.

  7. Exactly. I think it's a complicated situation where he got with his fiance because he wanted a kid. Yet he's still emotionally invested in his ex-wife.

  8. Also if you want to learn more ..

    Lovebombing, hoover, devaluation, cycles of abuse, arguing in circles, crazymaking, word salad, blame shifting, deflecting…

  9. Your mom has drunk the metaphorical kool-aid and unfortunately I doubt there is a way to get her to believe you. My mom straight up walked in on me being raped by her husband and walked back and still denies it ever happened. This shit is unfortunately common in these situations

  10. OP, things will change, I promise! When she’s done breastfeeding her libido will get back to normal and the rest too. This whole motherhood/breastfeeding thing change your brain for real! I thought I would never want to be intimate ever again. Gladly I was/am a single parent so no one suffered bc of me. You might feel embarrassed by thinking about your wife in a sexual way but trust me, she feels the same embarrassment about herself. Something really changes in your brain when you just had a baby. It took me 3 years to begin wearing mini dress. I just couldn’t do that before, I get ashamed, I felt like since I became a mom I can’t wear minis anymore. You guys need a professional help to get through this challenging times. ?

  11. I'm with you on this one. There's a difference between 'parenting' a friend and holding the people you choose to associate with to a certain moral standard. Would not sit well with me either..

  12. She did groom him, it is super creepy of her, your son is totally blinded by it, HOWEVER if you so much as try to split them up, chances are you will create distance with your son and when things go south, he may not come to you or may feel stuck. The only thing you can do is make sure he still sees his friends, still studies and takes the necessary steps to build his future and allow this to crumble as it will. Also, make sure people know about this. Shame is a strong deterrent.

  13. I have given another chance to a woman after we broke up over her cheating. We were apart for a year and then got back together. A few years later we broke up for what shouldn't have been any surprise, her cheating again. I'm sure she's busy cheating on her current guy. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  14. His household has the “standard” wife husband child relation, with some exceptions. His dad wants him to be a gentleman, open doors, do heavy lifting, etc. I knew this, but he has always talked about breaking the cycle and do more.

  15. He didn't cheat for no reason. He cheated because he wanted to fuck other people. He's lying to you about the reason by giving you a cockamamie story that makes no sense, hoping your naive enough to buy it.

    Don't buy it. This guy is a scum bag. Drop him and go find someone that will treat you like you deserve.

  16. OP your friend is in an abusive marriage not an open one. If your husband is aware of her actual situation and wants you to abandon her, he’s a POS. Also even if your friend was in an open marriage, that’s their prerogative. It’s your decision whether that’s something that’s a dealbreaker when it comes to your friends. Your husband is controlling and ultimatums are not appropriate.

  17. The deleting the messages would be a big red flag to me. No way – can you recover them ? what were they messaging on ? so many people on reddit can probably tell you how to recover them. You are not overreacting I would be so mad. OMG – Ian thinking he is having an EA and that is cheating. What is he saying now ?? He has crossed big time lines.

  18. This is probably a bad idea, but I might see if he has mental illnesses that can be blamed on his behavior or maybe he starts going to AA or NA because of a substance problem; something to try to “explain” his horrible situation. Honestly though, that last resort tactic could just make things worse.

    The most realistic thing is that he needs to get a grunt job and you have to think about if leaving him is the smart choice.

  19. OP I’ve lived with and had children with someone that had anger management problems for over 18 years. It doesn’t go away. You will suffer a lifetime of walking on egg shells and the emotional impact will spread to your kids if you choose to have them. If I were you I would reconsider investing time in someone who needs to work on themselves to this degree. Picture your life in 20 years if she doesn’t change, is that something you really want for your future?

  20. Like I said, external stress. My mom is going through chemo, my wife's parents are going through a nasty divorce, we have our own financial stress. We've both been so down that our sex life has suffered.

  21. Or giving fake numbers, or giving other fake information. Some guys have definitely stalked/followed women who gave them fake info out of spite. The “just give a fake number” thing isn’t a deterrent. It’s a risk. Even if the guy doesn’t have your number, he sees you in a place presumably not far from your place of residence, so he could absolutely end up looking for you at a later date, or worse, following you out and seeing where/what direction you live.

    Crazier things have happened, unfortunately.

  22. No you're not and frankly I'd consider removing the dad for good this time, he probably thinks since you forgave him for ruining your family that you will forgive this too.

  23. So here's the thing: there is very little that you can personally do in this situation, it's all on him. It is his responsibility to keep his interactions with other women appropriate. He's the one who needs to sort himself out and rewire his brain so that cheating isn't such an easy thing for him to do. You said so yourself that this is his first committed relationship and he's cheated on every single partner in the past so what other commenters are trying to warn you about is that you are essentially a test run for fidelity for him. And while him being open and honest about his constant temptations to stray could be a good thing and could be a sign of him communicating his struggles, it could also be a convenient way of bracing you for if/when he eventually gives in because hey, he warned you. That's what everyone else is trying to tell you and getting defensive about it when you came to public forum asking a question just makes it seem as though you are willfully blinding yourself to the possibility of your boyfriend not being able to stay loyal. You know what I mean?

    At the end of the day, you could be the most loving and supportive girlfriend in the world but that won't save you if your boyfriend can't control himself. Keeping up with therapy is a must and communication is helpful but he has to learn that telling you every single time he gets the urge to cheat can damage your relationship. How exhausting is that going to be? Months, years of him letting you know how the checkout girl is hot and he wants to fuck her, the woman he sat across from on the bus is hot and he wants to fuck her, and so forth and so on. That's going to wear you down, one way or another. He needs to find a middle ground where he's not bombarding you with the inner monologue of his infidelity urges but he's also not keeping you in the dark about it.

    Good luck to you either way, you're going to need it.

  24. He literally said she would be so easy to rape at a certain moment. That is not something anyone needs to be around

  25. Like you said you are in a good relationship. This is not something that happened during the relationship. I know people feel the need to share their past but honestly sometimes it's best to leave it in there and move on.

    Being a little selfish will be beneficial for both of you in my opinion.

    Otherwise if it bothers YOU then you should have a talk and let her know to get it off your chest.

  26. How does he feel about you sleeping with someone else? You said your sex drive wasn’t an issue during pregnancy but he had complaints about your body. I’m sure his body isn’t perfect – can you go find someone else to satisfy you, then? Since he said you guys need to be willing to “compromise”?

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