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  1. Yes because the grandmother needs to be in the shower to molest an infant and toddler. If she wanted to do that she wouldn’t wait to take a shower with them. This line of thinking is ridiculous.

  2. You are entitled to be Anti – social as you describe it and you are entitled to not want a situation where you are all holding hands and dancing in a circle with the suggestion that’s being made. Of course based on most of the comments , your friend should become your ex friend and dealt with by the firing squad.

    There‘s a few things that come to mind to me .

    One assumes you’ve shared the situation with your current guy and been open with him. One also assumes he’s met this friend , how does he get along with her and has his opinion changed ?

    How would you have handled it had she told you a month or so after you broke up ? Or once you broke up , it was more good riddance to him ?

  3. Whether he's taking you for a fool or not, let's just say I have my own idea about it but really I don't know. Everything is possible, I guess.

    What I do know is that you clearly have different boundaries, different interpretations of what's appropriate or not, and this is not to be taken lightly. The fact that he states that he will refrain from touching her because of you can only make him resentful in the long run (if he's actually true to his word), make you feel guilty to stop him doing what he likes, and make you feel insecure because you can't know that he's not actually touching her when you're not around. To me, this is a deeper compatibility issue than you might think.

  4. I find it a bit strange that you keep posting similar questions… I think you should talk to your therapist about why you’re obsessed with this topic?

  5. That is something that popped up during our argument is that this seems to be a sexual addiction, I’d say close enough to exactly what you’re saying.

  6. Couples therapy ASAP. The way you're describing it, her libido flipped the moment you got married. It's possible that she was just trying to keep you satisfied until she “secured” you by getting married, although this is the more pessimistic way of looking at it. It could also be that she's simply depressed. Either way, you need to talk to her about it and doing that in a safe place with a couple's counsellor is never a bad idea.

  7. She's probably been bothered shit you getting this ring for a while.

    It's probably turned into a bit of a Gollum (lord of the rings) mental situation. There is power in the ring as that acknowledges the eldest female in the new generation

    It is your ring though. If you choose to give up the ring, make sure you've mentally removed yourself from it's attachment, so that losing this physical object doesn't mentally bother you.

    If you can't do that then keep the ring and be as supportive as possible to your sister. Maybe a new tradition?

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