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Date: October 1, 2022

10 thoughts on “Srta-roja live webcams for YOU!

  1. Nah, that won’t change anything. She is trying to fill up a hole from her past with shiny things she sees on social media. Since the hole isn’t fillable that way, none of her ideas about how to fill it will make any difference. She doesn’t appreciate any of the very nice things she already has, so why would this be any different?

  2. It doesn’t sound like you’re bored based off this. It just sounds like things have settled down. You can end the relationship if you want but this pattern happens in most long term relationships

  3. I said this about my ex husband when we were dating. “It’s his way or the high way”. Things got a lot worse, he isolated me from my friends and family. Became verbally abusive and eventually violent. I’m not saying yours will end that way, but they are the same type of men. You’ll never win. Get out while you still can!

  4. Discuss what?

    And with whom?

    Discussing means to sound out both opinions and meet in the middle. Find a solution suiting both partners.

    Here there ARE no partners. There is no discussion.

    There is only his “I do it that way.”

    Also: do get independant genetical counseling.

    With his siblings “poor mental state and brittle bones” it made a sirene go up in my head.

    HE tells you that this is caused by their parents! Shouldn't he know better as a doctor?

    There are genetical hereditary or not conditions. That may affect a certain part of a couples children and skip another part. (Mendels laws of heredity!)

    Do make sure by hetting both your genes checked, that none of you transmits any of this!

    Otherwise your husbands present may become your future as a mother!

  5. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I (23F) have recently got an amazing job opportunity in another city. However, the city I will be moving to is very expensive and I would not be able to rent a flat on my own, I’d have to get a house share. A really close (male) friend of mine has recently moved to that city and is also looking for a house share. I would ideally move in with him, have two separate bedrooms and share the kitchen and the bathroom. That way I wouldn’t have to move in with some random people that might be rude, messy, loud, but I would be living with someone I know.

    My bf (24M) works away so we don’t live together, but we see each other often. He is really unhappy that I would be moving in with another man (even though I have had this friend for longer than I have known my bf and he has never ever made any moves on me or done anything. We are very clear that we are just good friends. We’re absolutely not each other’s types either). My bf knows this friend really well and has been in social gatherings a lot and they seemed to get along well.

    He is quite insecure about me having male friends (but obviously doesn’t admit it). He says he wants me to live in a girls only flat but that would severely limit my choices and also just because they’re girls, doesn’t mean they’d be nice, clean, I’d get along with them. For me it seems logical that I would be moving in with someone I know that I get along with…

    What should I do?

  6. Start visualizing and meditating on what you want. Thinking what you don’t want, focuses on that.

    Maybe, Start picturing yourself single, happy, successful and dating ladies. Get your mind into an open for growth mindset.

    You are what you focus on. Even if you keep trying to not focus on it. It’s still thinking about it. Choose to focus on your new goal. Make that your thoughts.

  7. For me it means having fluid conversations, laugh together, not feeling the sense of time while talking. For example, she never made me laugh

  8. Good for you enjoy being single. Do something for yourself to make you happy. I did after after a painful break up.

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