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  1. Bathing in this instance involves the children being naked around a fully grown adult who isn’t their parents, yes it’s their grandmother and the likelihood of her causing them harm while with the mother’s approval is unlikely and with both parents approval (and the kids being chill with it) this would be perfectly okay to do but this wasn’t cleared by the father and he has a right to say who can and can’t be naked around his kids just as much as the mother has that say, and ultimately the father could have worries of this creating a weird precedent for his kids where the lines become blurred of who it is okay to see you naked, be naked near you Etc, to act as if this is something basic like the grandmother giving them a gift or her feeding them a snack the mom approved of isn’t a fair evaluation of the situation

  2. Please let it all out, I feel like you know this not cool. Even if you can't label it cheating it's still really upsetting.

    Do you feel like what he said was a genuine reason or a quick thought up excuse? I've heard of guys going elsewhere when they're SO isn't putting out, it doesn't make it ok, but from what you've said you guys are doing the deed, you're happy to, it's just that he's got a condition. If he doesn't like your disappointment he can just get in touch with a lesbian and find out all the tricks.

    What's going on?

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