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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. I am so sorry to hear that. Honestly, you deserve someone who wants to spend quality time with you. Its true we should have time for ourselves without our partner, its natural and healthy. But you should also feel supported, heard, and appreciated. You should never be in a relationship where you're the only one chasing and feeling invalidated. I hope you will be able to heal and move on to someone who will treat you like you deserve!

  2. OP should speak to the breeder or rescue first. If they are an ethical breeder or rescue they will take their dog back.

  3. This^

    it happens and is valid short term. Gender disappointment is a thing. There's a life you picture with your little one and gender plays into that. If it's been more than a week and he's still struggling, then therapy and getting to the root of why needs to be addressed. And all feelings need to be settled long before baby comes and support for you should never waver

  4. You should definitely get your dick wet with an old high school crush then, that should fix things. What even is the question here?

  5. I’m def going back to therapy but I don’t think I have to break up with my partner. I love him and just because I’m working through something that doesn’t mean I want to break up with him.

  6. You gotta find a way to get out this marriage man. She crazy. Crazy people only get crazier unless they’re very committed to changing for themselves. You’re going to end up getting castrated in your sleep or murdered by this woman if you keep crossing these invisible boundaries that you don’t even know about.

  7. Of course he begged you. Of course he tries to convince you that what you know to be true is false. That's called gaslighting and manipulation.

    He's preying upon your love for him. He's banking on the fact that you love him so much that you will never hold him accountable for his actions.

    It's not horrible that you love him and want your relationship to be fixed. You haven't done anything wrong.

    He will not stop doing this. Confront him. Ask him for the entire truth.

  8. It's better for them to see two healthy households than one broken one. You don't love your husband anymore, and you don't feel like you can trust him emotionally. He severed the connection by taking active steps to try and sleep with other women. The fact that he didn't because you said no doesn't change that this is what he wants, and this is how little he values monogamy. You CAN divorce a man for asking you something, even if he respects your no, if you require a partner who would never want or ask for this.

  9. I mean being set up means absolutely nothing.

    No one can set me up to cheat on my wife, its literally impossible because I am not a scumbag.

    That said, maybe she was disgusted by her friends true colors? It's possible.

  10. Yep, John Wayne Gacy used to do similar, his “handcuff trick”. I'd be backing away from this dude at light speed.

  11. Your gf has long-term and expensive medical issues but you're staying at a job that pays pittance because you like working with your new buddies.

    You work 40 hours for $14/hr because you can't be bothered to apply elsewhere, but you still think she should pay half the expenses and do the majority of the housework? Despite going to school and working full-time? And dealing withtwo autoimmune disorders??? You can't possibly believe you're not the villain here.

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