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  1. I think she is the one who should be taking her meds, you should NEVER be forced into it, moreover when you dont feel like its affecting your life. Of course if it had gotten to a point where you feel like it is an issue you MUST get solved (you, YOURSELF) then it is absolutely okay to try to get you to see a doctor but you already did.

    It is also not guaranteed that you will have to take pills, what is she going to do if you dont have to take them? Shout at you? I would absolutely break this up, she sounds toxic af and I dont think that is justifiable under the “I have bpd this is a symptom!!”

  2. You know you have to stop following him on social media. And remember the reasons it didn't work out. It will be the same reason it won't work out for this new girl. He isn't going to change because you perceive her to be prettier than you. If he treated you poorly just because he thought you weren't pretty enough for him. He'll do that to her regardless of how pretty she is. If you need to write down all the reasons you didn't want to be with him and wanted distance. Don't focus on anything nice because you tried to work for a year and couldn't. so even if everything but just one thing was perfect you have to focus on the one thing that makes him wrong for you.

  3. The problem is his tenant will have a lease in the house. So, if things go wrong he's still stuck at her apartment until their lease is up. And, that's also hoping they don't damage the place. I've rented a house I owned and it's not all roses.

  4. So, compounding more lies to solve it? No, he needs to admit that he read her texts. I apologize that he crossed that line. Then, ask if there is a reason she would prefer to go on her own. Sometimes, when it's a drama family event, we need our own space to deal with it. They haven't been dating a very long time, she may not need his comfort for this.

  5. Rehab is where she needs to go. That’s it. He can help her with that, otherwise you are both really going to regret this decision. Likely may end up with your BF using again.

    No one can help an addict but themselves. Mostly likely it’s her refusal to do so is why she has no one. I am sure she truly is very depressed. That does not mean that either of you can help her she needs professional help.

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