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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Speaking as someone who has had some poly men do this… PLEASE bear in mind that this is not all poly people it's just my own experience. In some towns the amount of poly people, especially women, is limited. And there are some who will really go in to seduce you into the lifestyle. They tell you how gorgeous you are, how popular you would be, how freeing it is to have partners who can fulfill different parts of your life rather than relying on one person to do all of it, how you can have these amazing connections and really explore yourself… It's genuinely intoxicating. But it should always come down to a proper discussion with your actual partner before even CONSIDERING anything like a date. With anyone. There's an element of peer pressure, seduction, and selfishness in the whole thing.

  2. Its strange. She says he is her best friend. This poor guy has been so beat down over the years he doesn't know which way is up. ALL of her actions say she despises this dude. Her parents do as well. 18 years. If there is a silver lining, last night was the final nail in the coffin. He won't be able to get over her moaning and orgasm with women in public when he hasn't been able to coax that emotion out of her in near two decades. So this marriage is a wrap, they may not realize it yet. Then she can go on with her life as a lesbian and hopefully he can find someone who at least respects him. The only question left to answer is their co parenting situation. Maybe they can be civil towards each other for their children's sake.

  3. Have you asked him why he expects you to do all the housework when you work full time like he does? He says he's tired. But you're also tired. So why is it fair that you do things and he doesn't?

  4. The problem is that guys who are possessive like this guy can react really badly and that means that OP might be in serious danger. So I get why she's afraid.

    He wanted her address but didn't get it so who knows maybe he put a tracker on her phone, car or the like so he knows where she is at all times.

    OP should most definitely block him in any way possible, get a restraining order, and tell her parents all about his disturbing behaviour and what's been going on between them. I also agree with those telling her to contact the local organisation for victims of domestic abuse to get their advice on the matter.

    What she shouldn't do is just shrug and think to herself that it ends with her blocking him. It might but giving his reaction so far I would say that it's a very slim chance.

  5. The chatting goes back and forth. They goes months without talking and then small talk here and there with the odd flirtations in the mix. Makes me ponder if some messages are being deleted

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