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  1. Why exactly are you always expected compromise, but he's not at all willing to compromise?

    You compromise about kids. You compromise about birthday gifts. You're already compromising over the engagement.

    If you keep at this without putting your foot down, it'll always be you compromising and him always getting his way. If you're okay with that, proceed as you are. I don't think you are though, so either he has to start making some compromises for you here, or you're gonna find someone willing to compromise. That's how it has to be otherwise all that resentment from constantly compromising yourself is going to build up until it explodes.

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  3. His thinking is archaic and just not how things work in a household. Easiest solution is to tell him that you're going to be setting up a chore chart and each of you are going to contribute equally on tasks.

    Also don't let him weaponize incompetence when it comes to him cleaning.

  4. She doesn't have an issue with masturbation, she has an issue with pornography.

    I agree that there are often double standards at play when it comes to gender in this sub, but I really don't feel people would go the other way on this one if the genders were flipped. I'm a man and I believe that the porn industry is inherently misogynistic and portrays sex in an imbalanced and often negative light, regardless of the gender of the consumer.

  5. There’s a downside to longevity. I’d recommend OP look into “edging” but not too much so as to avoid this exact problem.

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