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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. I am sorry that you suffered so much abuse as a child. That was awful and should not have happened.

    But now you are an adult. Your choices are not your own, and you get to decide how you behave, and how you let other people treat you.

    Your partner should not have sworn at you or called you a bitch. That was wrong of them.

    On the other hand, they were fairly strongly provoked. I’d say that you were the instigator of this particular incident, and that your behaviour was just as unforgivable.

    Your partner is dealing with a lot of physical pain. That makes being nice hard right off the bat. Then you told her that you are not coming home, when she was likely relying on you. And you didn’t say this nicely – you threw a tantrum at her. That’s manipulative. Selfish. Abusive. All those things you’re accusing her of being.

    Yes, she returned fire. No, she should not have done so. No, there is no excuse for her behaviour. But I think that you should examine your behaviour and hold yourself to the same standards you are holding her.

    If being tired and anxious is an excuse for you to behave this way, why doesn’t it excuse her? If stress and pain is an excuse for you, why is it not an excuse for her? If you are allowed to lose your temper and throw a tantrum, and expect forgiveness, why isn’t she?

  2. oh absolutely tf not.

    slowly gain his trust again. don't ever leave him around her or ur parents alone.

    over time he will grow trust in you again, but u have to work for it.

    be patient and attentive. read up on abused dogs and how to work with them, body languages and etc.

  3. I’m afraid to do such a thing cuz I’m really introverted towards new people and doing something like that means taking classes with other professors and basically being alone again. But it seems like it’s gonna be my only option and i have to do it.

  4. Dude. What kind of guy claims to love you and then make you work two jobs on top of being in school?

    Good partners don't make you work yourself to the bone to pay for basic necessities.

  5. Grief isn't an excuse to be a terrible person. Honestly, I don't even know why she's with you. From the start you told her she'd never be as good as your dead wife. Now she isn't allowed to do normal things with your kids because it reminds you of her? Get therapy. If I were her I'd dump you. You're not remotely ready to date.

  6. He’s insecure.

    You should not dim your light to avoid outshining him.

    He needs to step it up or accept where he is, but whining to you is not the way.

  7. The best I course of action is to be polite and mind your business. Every woman you've mentioned he's dated was an adult and could make decisions for themselves so where's all this vitriol coming from? Seek therapy.

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