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105 thoughts on “Happy-dollslive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Oh also secondly, especially since he's seeing someone to mental health help. That guilt of yours isn't yours to carry. That's his stuff. It's ok to let go, you don't have to carry him anymore

  2. Sounds like a massive difference in emotional maturity. You shouldn't probably be together. Sounds like you need someone better for you.

  3. Again, her interest in you was never the problem. Clearly she is not over her ex, she made clear the breakup recency was the problem. She acknowledged it was too intense and too fast.

    Where you were both naive is thinking just 'slowing down' would be sufficient but while I think she is indeed leading you on a bit that you don't ever seem to take into account the things she says to you. You are so fixated on making it work that red flags and straight up explanations as to why it can't work you ignore hoping you can just wait it out.

    And yeah, if you choose that path it will be messy. Clearly her and that ex have a lot of drama and even if she did get with you it would be a messy relationship clearly.

  4. Try a different jewelry store, and start over with the budget thing. Tell them 5000-8000 is your range.

    Also, you and your fiancee-to-be should sit down and watch the film Blood Diamonds and then consider whether a lab-created stone is not only just as beautiful but far more ethical. Since she is in the medical field, she might be open to this possibility.

    In short, I don't think you have screwed up here as badly as you think you have. Don't drop $15K on a ring! Unless you're a multibillionaire (in which case, you should drop $50K on a ring), it's just a stupid misuse of money.

  5. These are the experiences that will shape you both. You're both still very young…yes…21 is a few years out of highschool and still in college (school) — 21 is young. I don't have much advice. Just wanna say you'll make it through this situation. Don't lose sight of #1 — #1 being you. Girls come and go. You are here to stay (here being your life).

  6. You don’t buy a house with a boyfriend or girlfriend. For those that didn’t hear me the first time, YOU DON’T BUY A HOUSE WITH A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND! As a matter of fact, you don’t make any major purchase with anyone other than a spouse. To put it simply, it’s a stupid decision that will only end up causing more trouble for you in the future. No if’s and’s or but’s, when you’re not legally committed to someone in a partnership, you don’t enter into a legally binding contract with them for anything! Don’t co-own, co-sign, co-hort or co-anything aside from maybe co-habitate but, that’s the limit. You dodged a bullet and you just don’t realize it yet.

  7. I'm staying because I can't imagine my life without him. He's been with me through my hardships and sometimes he does show that he cares. Yeah, love isn't something I feel to often and sex is me getting him off and hoping I get something in return. I usually get something reciprocated once every 6/7 times. I know this guy is manipulative, but I am stuck in afucking cycle and I'm trying to keep my head above the water. It i the same guy. I just feel like I am the problem sometimes even if I can't pinpoint exactly why. He acts like an actual child and threatened to leave and go live with his sister again (who kicked him out) because “at least she takes care of him” I want to leave, but I think I convince myself I love him everyday because I love the life I've built with him. Our friends, shared job, our apartment, his cousin/my roomate is my best friend. I dunno. I can't go back home and I can't afford a new apartment.

  8. I totally understand not getting through, it was a lot but I didn't know what to cut. Thank you for responding anyways. It's so funny I have never had a problem standing up for myself before. He just uses my feelings for him to wear me down. Its left me feeling trapped by mental walls.

  9. He kept them and will continue to do until he stops being a dirtbag. I deleted mine when I finally grew a conscious about it each time but obviously I told every girlfriend at the time I'd deleted them and obviously I didn't. I didn't share and I didn't tell anyone but I couldn't bring myself to delete them, for some stupid reason. Never missed them once they were gone either. I know, it's gross, I've worked on myself but now I'm here to present an unfortunately honest reality for you

  10. All off the very little info here butt…

    Quite a bit of extrapolation you did there. None of what you said is true.

    I do appreciate the response though

  11. Not ideal is an understatement, what was the point of buying a home together if you can't stay there? Either sell it or get him to buy you out. You shouldn't be buying properties with a partner at the age of 21.

  12. Just tell him you think he has crossed a boundary. His reaction and pro-action will give you an idea of his intentions.

  13. The fact that you are not even up to 180 pounds makes me want to hit your head on the wall for allowing that loser control you.

  14. Most people don't seek out people to insult us. Most people seek out people that actually like us and share values. Most people don't seek out this kind of conflict, but those that do enjoy it and don't cry about it.

    Make different choices.

  15. Speaking as someone in a polyamorous relationship, you can date multiple people or you can date him. Those are your options here. Your desire for a polyamorous relationship is exactly as valid as his desire for a monogamous relationship.

  16. What is your long term goals together and what is your long term goals as an individual? What is your long term goals as a family?

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  18. I think it'd be absent minded to ignore his sexual desire. There are ways you can explore such fetishes without engaging in the act phhsicly, which might be a good middle ground.

    Talking about the fantasy is the first way, and it sounds like you've already explored this a bit. Exploring it more knowing in yourself it's just a fantasy will help you here.

    Another way is to engage with guys online in discussion about it. Again, this is a bit of fantasy play still, but bringing more real life in to it.

    The other way is dependant on your comfort levels, by letting him send guys pictures of you. I'd recommend here you don't include your face.

    You may find exploring it your comfort levels will widen and you may even be in to it too.

    Kinks change through our lives. He may grow out of it, it may stick around. Either way, your key to a healthy and successful marriage here is clear communication. Especially if you're going to explore with him, he needs to know (and in return, respect) your boundaries.

    I think meeting him half way would demonstrate how much you do care for him, and hopefully he can do the same.

  19. Sad to say, but trust your dog over your man! Your dog is following instinct and that is to protect you. The boyfriend needs to understand and cut him some slack.

  20. This is a more profound point than most people realize. A paternity test really only proves that she was faithful one time. lol. He needs to cut off this friend group.

  21. This is VERY clear. She is still a presence because he lets that happen. He could have put a stop to that long ago. You should never need to talk him into blocking her and because you had to do that (rather than him taking it upon himself) I’m not surprised that he has hidden things from you. I’m not saying it’s your fault, I’m saying he doesn’t want to get rid of her.

  22. Thank you for your insight. I am seeing that Reddit was not a good choice for advice. I have explored that monogamy might not be for me. But i have truly pictured being married and having sex with someone else and at the end of the day, I don’t think I could do it. I also couldn’t watch my husband do it, so I don’t think it’s what I truly want. I’ve done a little bit more thinking and I think this could be tied to not feeling attractive/desirable anymore since having kids and being married. I go to the gym with young single people and I think I want to feel like them but I realize I’m not and it’s kind of a punch to the gut. I realize this is my own choice and I am happy but possibly wish I got to live life a little more before getting married and having kids. But what I most definitely know now is that I probably should go to therapy because Reddit ain’t it lol

  23. I agree he should tell her how he feels immediately, but that doesn't mean breaking up with her. It's ridiculous, especially at his age, to break up with the mother of his child over something she said or did while pregnant. She's not cheating or lying or stealing. She just disagrees with him about how the household should be run.

    Maybe it's an incompatibility, but who knows how either of them will think or feel until after the baby is born? That said, I'm worried he has unrealistic expectations of what parents of newborns are able to do, especially breastfeeding mothers.

    I think he's the type of guy to have a real problem with doing anything more than what he feels is his fair share. That's not how a partnership works when one of them just pushed out a baby.

  24. You know what red flags are. This should be a story about your ex-boyfriend. This guy doesn't respect you.

  25. Chlamydia during pregnancy can cause SERIOUS problems with the fetus/baby. The reason it's tested for in pregnancy is because it can have long lasting effects on the child.

    It seems like you may have trouble with self-respect, but please care for your child. Your partner could have caused serious illness in your child. This isn't something to take lightly. I recommend speaking with your doctor about the risks of Chlamydia during pregnancy and birth for the child to see how serious it could have been if you didn't catch it.

    Also? Many antibiotics also shouldn't be taken during pregnancy. What if you had a strain of Chlamydia that was resistant to some antibiotics and you needed to take something that could affect your pregnancy?

  26. You need to get him off porn. He is losing himself in fantasy vs reality.

    He has a porn addiction and ruining your relationship. Get him therapy.

  27. Once you and your daughter are living there permanently, you still want her to rotate rooms? This sounds unfair to your daughter. It doesn't sound like you all fit now when it's just sleepovers. How do you expect to fit once your daughter brings all of her possessions and moves in?

  28. Wtf do you think this post is about?! She didn’t ALLOW it! She had to press to get the husband to ADMIT it. Re-read it and check your reading comprehension!!

  29. Whatever her motives, she was abusive and you're better off without her. Block her number and distance yourself from her.

  30. Is this serious? Is that much a blow to your ego that he was unsure of you when you first met his friends? He literally said he doesn't feel that way right now, but you're upset at how he felt in the past?

    You should examine your own feelings why you believe this is an issue. Are you seeking some unrealistic storybook ending?

  31. Back away and if you have to block them and delete them and ghost them from everything so be it. I would stay away and I wouldn't go anywhere they might be. Start living YOUR life for you not anyone else.

  32. Everything else is fine. We go on walks together, to the gym, the dog park, hikes, the beach where we stay in the water tossing a football and swimming all day like two kids lol. We like the same music, we're putting a 2 thousand piece puzzle together and out of all those pieces, I'll randomly find the exact piece he needs lol, we say whole sentences at the same time.. it's pretty awesome. Sex life is good.. I wish it was more spontaneous but he goes to work super early and is super tired at the end of the day so it's pretty much twice a week, on his days off ? ? Also he's never said he didn't like it.. and that's part of the problem, I just wanna understand him but he seems to shut down when talking about intimacy.

  33. Felt you were picking issues with the wallet excuse and him being out at all, when he stated he goes out once in awhile (less now) and his girlfriend doesn’t give a shit about that. That was never the issue, so why would he lie about reasons for going out when he doesn’t have to? Even when pregnant if my guy wanted to hang out and have a beer with a friend for an hour once in awhile I wouldn’t care, he’s allowed to spend time with friends. The cheating was the thing and the girl admitted she lied about it. I’m not sure what holes you mean, do you think he cheated?

  34. Yup, exactly this.

    My husband and I can spend hours 'together ', not saying a single word to each other. We enjoy the company, without the unnecessary chatter.

    He'll occasionally say 'love you' or ask what I'm reading/playing, how my game is going but we don't need to be constantly chatting.

    If its important, we talk.

  35. Internet mom here. He can afford it. It makes him happy. He’s not expecting anything in return. Let this one go. It’s really that simple.

  36. It’s your dynamic. I don’t know you guys. Maybe if he asked you what you need, how he could help, softly tell him that found an advice for an independent teacher. Let him figure the lesson part out for himself.

    This is a humble brag elitist sport outside of Europe just because if its costs, and he should be aware of it. Watch if he is trying to help you or rub it in in front of his family. That can tell you a lot about his character and intent.

    Do not own this need to learn it by yourself or with him. This is not advisable. Blame it on me or an instructor you’ve run into.

    The responsibility you have towards yourself and the group though is your mood control. The unspoken mountain etiquette is not to remain sour or sulk for too long. A hardened, positive, Viking spirit is something to rebalance yourself towards after being thrown off.

    That actually applies to the actual snow sport as well. You will be always be physically thrown off and your goal will be to find your center, but that is something your instructor will be teaching you.

    Try to turn this experience around, make the best out of it for yourself, your boyfriend, and all the people around. Imagine how they will tell each other privately what an amazing girl you are.. learning hard, a beginner, getting beaten up, not giving up, and staying wonderful to all. You may as well be a keeper in their eyes.

    Then therapy for your childhood issues, but don’t we need it all?

  37. Eh…it's definitely more nuanced than being gay, but there is nothing wrong with saying “I want more than one partner” and it can be a fundamental part of who they are much like being gay. It just means that you are no longer compatible with people that want a monogamous relationship. Sexuality really is a spectrum and as long as you and your partner as close, you can make it work. When your on opposite sides, it's time to walk away.

  38. I didn't mean to be rude or insensitive. I know it's hard situation. I understand you don't want to be harsh. You can try to explain it's not to hurt him but in such situations situations you aren't turned on and there's no way you ever will be. You can ask him if he wants you to force yourself to do it. You want him when he's sober and then you two can be intimate.

  39. Did anyone even consider “Johniams”? Maybe FiL would happier with that one?

    Serious eye roll to him. He doesn't get to choose your life for you. Stick to your guns.

  40. My partner snores. We sleep together often as his snoring isn't bad some nights… but when we don't sleep in the same bed we still lay in bed together for 30 minutes or more cuddling, talking, relaxing. This often leads to sex. Just lay in bed naked together more often and you'll have more sex.

  41. Your gf is insane. Please stay away from her. Anyone who can feel that way about you taking care of your disabled sister is a person with lots of unresolved issues. You can’t leave someone with a disability sitting in their soiled diaper. That can lead to rashes, open sores, etc. and obviously very uncomfortable. You gf has major jealousy, insecurity, and whatever else. There is a huge difference between diaper fetishes and people that have disabilities and need a diaper change. Sounds like your gf also lacks reasoning skills and has a low IQ. She also lacks compassion and empathy for others, especially those that need our compassion and empathy the most. She has a lot of growing up to do and you can do better.

  42. I know I’m exposing my kids to it and that’s why I want to leave so bad. It’s just legitimately hard for me. I love him. He’s my best friend when he’s sober. I don’t want to lose my best friend and partner but I can’t keep allowing my kids to see abuse. I just don’t know how to push myself out the door.

  43. Yeah, I mean all it takes is a second. Your husband could be aiming for you and your son runs in front of you and takes the hit instead. CPS rocks up, sees the marks on your body, finds your husband if he's drunk and that's it. Game over. Baby gone too.

  44. I’m confused about what you are talking about? I didn’t say I’d degrade you or anything. Where is this personal attack? Are you automatically assuming people will say bad things about your looks? Yikes.

    I want to see what you look like because you’re bringing up the subject of grooming. I’d love to see what you got going on, so I can get a good scope of what your facial hair looks like since the topic is very important to you. Important enough to deride a post about a haircut and make it about yourself and/or other men.

    Since it’s significant, let’s see what’s up. I’m happy to give feedback if you want, or a compliment to help boost your spirits about this sensitive subject.

  45. Breakup for the dumpee is often more difficult than for the dumper. The dumper has already gone through the process of detaching for them the situation before was draining .

  46. Seniors did date freshman and it was WEIRD. Why are y’all excusing predatory behavior because “oh they were both in high school, so it’s okay!” One is an adult, the other is a minor. A very young minor. It would be different if she was 17, because they would just have a two year difference. Still, a bit weird, but they’re not FOUR YEARS apart.

  47. Plenty of people love sleeping with their dogs and that’s okay. I don’t think you have to retrain the dog completely. Could you upgrade to a king size to fit everyone better? Could you get one of those like dog bed extensions to the bed on your side? You know what I’m talking about where it’s a dog bed, that’s on a thing for it’s as tall as the bed?

    I would try out some more ideas

  48. Grey rock him and see if his anxiety pops up. I’d even make like your actively looking for dates with others. Get your gfs together within his earshot and discuss this guy or that guy and their availability. Spook him and he may respond. After six years together most would say an engagement ring at least should be forthcoming.

  49. Yeah, giving cheaters a heads up that you're onto them and a chance to start spinning lies is always the best option. /s

  50. What no porn a hard boundary for her? For some people it is, and if she communicated this to you and you still decided to watch porn after she under went an abortion…:/

  51. Move on with your life and cut all contact possible with him.

    He's not your problem anymore.

    She already knows everything you'd tell her, so don't waste your breathe or time talking or thinking about it.

    Cut them both off and move on.

  52. He's your ex boyfriend, and she's a person you don't associate with any longer. You don't see either of them or connect with them in any way. There's literally nothing to “handle” here. It's their problem, don't make it your own.

  53. on a gap year from it which I have chosen not to work

    And you think your husband is going to find that in any way attractive?

  54. He never expressed anything wrong with my cleaning standards since we have been living together. I have also always been cleaner than him. I would and will oblige to his standards but the method of communication I found to be upsetting.

  55. You are waaaaaay too loyal. You should have been out of this relationship a looooooong time ago. This guy is totally unhinged and should work on himself before going in a relationship again. OP you should work on yourself in order to understand why you tolerate such obvious abuse. This is not normal behavior.

  56. You are waaaaaay too loyal. You should have been out of this relationship a looooooong time ago. This guy is totally unhinged and should work on himself before going in a relationship again. OP you should work on yourself in order to understand why you tolerate such obvious abuse. This is not normal behavior.

  57. You are waaaaaay too loyal. You should have been out of this relationship a looooooong time ago. This guy is totally unhinged and should work on himself before going in a relationship again. OP you should work on yourself in order to understand why you tolerate such obvious abuse. This is not normal behavior.

  58. If you give him the power to control what you do with your friends asexually you will never get that power back from him.

    Draw a line now. If he cannot handle it now, it is not going to get better later.

  59. If this was a solid relationship, it wouldn't have been his decision, it would have been our decision. You're going to have to be brave and see this as the end of the relationship, because he isn't allowing you to be an equal partner.

  60. Could you look at moving internationally to finish your studies? Student loans work differently in other countries and it may be a viable solution.

  61. He has openly told me he likes feet. In fact we have done all those sexual things surrounding feet. Like almost everything. The thing it is no secret. Only problem is his views all women's feet in that way, and he literally doesn't seem to stop when he sees naked feet, even if for a few seconds. Yet, he tells me that he DOES NOT do that. That it's all my insecurity and that I am crazy and delusional.

  62. I’m not comfortable with her potential intentions

    Surely if her intentions were to make a move on your boyfriend she could find a less convoluted way than planning an entire wedding and having him in the bridal party so she can lure him to an Airbnb with another person present and try to fuck him in secret.

    From what you wrote, she had a crush on him six years ago and things have been platonic between them ever since. You say she doesn't make effort to hang out with you as a couple, do you make that effort? My best friends are all married or in very serious relationships and while I like their partners and get along with them well, I don't usually third wheel them when I hang out with my friends. It doesn't mean I'm trying to sleep with my friends behind their backs.

    If you feel weird about their friendship, maybe this is an opportunity to get to know her a little better. It takes two to lay the foundation of a friendship so you extending an offer to hang out at your place or whatever might help foster that. I don't think it's appropriate to tell him that he can't go on this trip. You either trust him or you don't. If you trust him, her intentions don't actually matter anyway because you should trust that he would shut down anything inappropriate if it did happen.

  63. You are both disgusting. How dare you talk to your fiancee like that?

    You are both too immature to be getting married. Married people don't demean each other this way.

    You need to grow the fuck up.

  64. He may have a low drive or even be asexual. He could still find you attractive, love you, and choose to participate in sex for your pleasure but his own drive is low or not there so he is unlikely to get much out of it beyond the pleasant happiness you feel giving a beloved partner a back rub. If that's not ok for you because you want sex considerably more than he is comfortable or you want him to crave you carnally then you may simply be incompatible. You cannot force him to be different to fit your wants. You can only accept or move on.

  65. You’ve only been together six months and have broken up “a few times”? She wants to move in with the same ex you caught her with before?

    There is nothing about this relationship that’s sustainable. The first six months are supposed to be the honeymoon phase before shit gets crazy. If it’s already this rocky, it’s not going to get better.

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