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Model from: fr

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Birth Date: 1997-02-26

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Subculture: subcultureRomantic

Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Who cares WHY he failed to meet reasonable expectations, when the fact is, he failed to meet reasonable expectations.

    What’s a better reason; he forgot? He was testing you? Neither one of these answers is good. You want a partner who responds to you within 24h, he has shown you that he’s not it.

    Taking these tiny little things as indications of future behavior is exactly what we need to do. This is when people are on their best behavior, likely doing the most they’ll ever do to impress you and make you want to be with them. If he can’t even respond when you think he should, where is there to go from there? If he needs to be taught something that basic is important to you, odds are that there are lots of other things about your core values that don’t match.

    And here’s the thing: even if your expectations were less reasonable, you still have a right to them. Even if you thought that he should respond within an hour, wouldn’t you want to find the guy who agrees with you on that?

    This isn’t him. Keep looking. Don’t listen to your meddling auntie or your “rules” friends, you don’t have to give everyone a chance. You’re not desperate, and being alone is better than being with someone who sucks.

  2. I'm sceptical that this would work as OP says her family is very wealthy while he has nothing, so other than getting one for self defense, doesn't have a good chance at getting anything from it.

    Now if she got pregnant from the ONS and it could be proven that it's not OPs, that might be a different story, depending on where OP lives.

  3. Your husband is being very unfair. I basically couldn't work during covid and lost my company. I was only qualified for a very small industry. My wife was considered an essential service, so she worked throughout covid. She supported us financially for about 18 months, while my industry slowly started to wake up.

    I took over all cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, and maintenance on the house. Even though I was in a slight depression. Not once did I slip into not doing anything. My wife came home to a cooked meal. She had lunch for the next day. Basically, she worked and rested.

    Your husband is being very unfair, and I don't blame you for resenting him. All I can say is that you need to talk to him and wake him up. Or issue an ultimatum and leave.

    Good luck

  4. I don't know about “men”, but this one seems to.

    He's just not thinking about you or seeing you to be of equal importance and worthy of equal consideration.

  5. Perhaps you have a hall pass but for each other. Go out to a bar and pick up your wife as if she were a stranger? Role playing helps, especially if you go there alone, not in the same vehicle etc. No kids talk etc. Just pretend you are different people and hook up, then go back home to your wife.

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