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  1. This is the way to do it ^

    As a one off I wouldn't assume the “worst” the worst in this situation, being that she cheated and concocted an elaborate SA story to cover her tracks. As opposed to her being raped.

    If you give her the benefit of the doubt and she is telling the truth then you don't have to always wonder if you were wrong and look like a douche. If you're wrong and she is such a terrible person that she would do something like, then it probably won't be long until she does some other awful thing and your suspicion confirmed you are able to extricate yourself from the relationship without being the guy who dumped his girlfriend because she got raped.

    Really either way, it's the way to go.

    I do have to wonder if there's something else going on with her or you that is leading you to question her. Has she either behaved in ways that lead you to believe she would be willing to accuse someone of rape to cover an infidelity? Or do you have some major trust issues with women in general?

    These are all questions you should ponder.

  2. Thanks and I do love your suggestions for at home stuff. I’m an idiot when it comes to ideas like that (or even going out). I think our interests have changed over time too so we don’t match on nearly as many points as we once did. For example, she’s grown much more outdoorsy while I’ve just become more inclined to stay inside.

  3. Breaking up would be justified. You should tell her that her behavior while drinking is unreasonable and if she doesn’t go sober, you’re gone.

  4. What do you hope to achieve with the letter? It just invites a response and continues the cycle.

    Narcissists never learn or change. Save your mental health and just move and move on.

  5. How do you mean where is the man who loved you, when he’s the same all this time.. that’s not love. And ofcourse you don’t want it like that, honestly, who would? I would rather live and die alone than stay with that man for one day.

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