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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. My wages are transferred into his bank account.

    Why the fuck would anyone do this?????

    Why would you have YOUR paycheck go to anyone else?

    If you're joining money for bills then you can split your paycheck to a joint account and your separate account. There's absolutely no reason to dump your paycheck into an account you aren't on.

    How did you agree to that?

  2. I would say u can't change the past so if this happened before she met u then I don't really see it as a problem but I would want to know that this “game” is over and I'm not a part of it for sure. I feel it is more or less ur insecurities cuz I mean u don't know enough of the story to make the jump in conclusion of she slept with the dudes for their hoodies or even dated them. She could've bought them or something and lied to try to win in this “game” she was playing. U both are still so young so there's time to grow and move on from situations, if this hoodie collection is a deal breaker for u then walk away cuz ur feelings are important and ur allowed to have standards. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but if u stick around make sure to talk to her and communicate more of why u feel uncomfortable about it and if it is ur insecurities just be honest about how it makes u feel like ur hoodie is less special to give to her. At the end of the day ur the only one who can make urself get past it emotionally and she can help by getting rid of them cuz I'm sure she has other jackets and hoodies that are not men's clothing. Compromise and communication is the best advice I can give or walk away. Good luck friend.

  3. Check the app history and see if Saturday was the only time he was using Kik. Spoiler alert—it’s not and he’s full of shit. If he was resetting his account stuff, he probably got verification texts or emails that he could show you. But at this point the trust is gone anyway.

  4. Thanks very much! I totally agree that this word has been overused. I think your advice is very helpful and I will definitely bring things up like this. Thank you

  5. Relative, your BF's abusive behaviors and anger issues cannot be excused — but perhaps can be explained, especially if you would speak to a psychologist in your city. They may be due to his having very weak control over his own emotions (i.e., a lack of emotional skills he had no opportunity to learn in childhood). My exW has that problem. If that is an issue for your BF, you likely have been seeing the following 4 red flags.

    The first is a strong abandonment fear. I therefore ask whether, a few months into your relationship, he started showing strong jealousy over harmless events — or started attempting to isolate you away from close friends and family? He would view your spending time with friends/family as your choosing THEM over HIM. Moreover, he usually would hate to be alone by himself.

    Second, you would be seeing him rely heavily on black-white thinking, wherein he tends to categorize some people as “all good” (“with me”) or “all bad” (“against me”) and will recategorize them — in just a few seconds — from one polar extreme to the other based on a minor infraction.

    Because he also uses B-W thinking when judging HIMSELF, he hates to acknowledge making a mistake. To him, it would mean he is “all bad.” He thus would blame nearly all mistakes on you and view himself as “The Victim.” Always “The Victim.”

    Further, to “validate” his victim status, he would keep a detailed mental list of every infraction/mistake you ever did (real or imagined) and would not hesitate to pull out the entire list to defend himself in the most insignificant disagreement with you. Moreover, this B-W thinking also would be evident in his frequent use of all-or-nothing expressions like “you ALWAYS…” and “you NEVER….”

    Third, you generally would not see him expressing his rages to casual friends, coworkers, or total strangers. He usually gets along fine with them. Rather, the outbursts and temper tantrums almost exclusively would be expressed against a close loved one (e.g., against you or his parents).

    Fourth, you are convinced he truly loves you. But you often have seen him flipping, on a dime, between Jekyll (loving you) and Hyde (devaluing or hating you) — often making you feel like you're walking on eggshells. These flips would occur in a few seconds in response to some minor thing you say or do. And a few hours or days later, he could flip back just as quickly.

    Relative, have you been seeing strong occurrences of all 4 of these red flags?

  6. The question is whether he has an issue getting it up for these girls and not HIS girl. Could be porn addiction…could be ED. If he's jerking it to these girls so much he can't get it up it's no wonder he is having intimacy issues.

  7. Very sorry OP but count me in the camp that thinks you're doing the right thing – particularly with the don't take her back if she suddenly changes her mind. Once you've made it clear that it's a deal breaker and she makes it clear she will proceed regardless it's over – back tracking only when she knows your serious isn't a true change of mind, just an act to avid consequences.

  8. I wouldn't, and again, I get that you're mad, but one other dude hardly makes her a spunk receptacle. That is still the mother of your child. She isn't right for what she did by a longshot.

    I'm glad your kiddo is doing okay and I hope they are shielded from all this as much as possible.

  9. Her boyfriend does deserve to know, but it's not necessarily your job to tell him. You'd be imploding your friendship, because she would find out it was you who told him.

    Your friend did something bad, and it's up to you to decide if it's worth it to tell him.

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