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  1. And what was he doing to help maintain the house? If you were pregnant and injured, why wasn't he helping? You shouldn't even need to have valid reasons for wanting him to help, you're his wife not his housekeeper.

  2. If I found out that my friend was sharing what I thought were private convos between the two of us with her partner, we wouldn’t be friends anymore. That’s a breach of MY privacy.

    I don’t care if he’s been cheated on in every relationship prior to you. You haven’t so he either needs to trust you or get some therapy or both.

    Pretty much everyone gets cheated on at some point. That doesn’t mean you hold it over the next person’s head.

  3. boyfriend (37m) is mad that I got an apartment

    You did nothing inappropriate, he shouldn't be mad at you – his behavior/reaction is very inappropriate.

    My landlord also divulged my boyfriend's yelling and stuff were factors in why he evicted me because I had been fine

    Yeah, you should dump him – in addition to all the above, he's 37 and still living with “brother, sister in law and nieces” – by 37 I'd been living independently for two decades. And what's your boyfriend done for you? Causes you to get evicted and then gets mad at you for finding your own place.

    give up on him

    Yeah, that's likely the best move.

  4. Op, you can’t convince a creep like your father who groomed a minor to fall for him.

    Guys like your dad are so devoid of shame, guilt, and remorse that it’s a lost human concept on why what he’s doing is disgusting.

    I have an ex like your dad. He’s eight years older and met when I was 25, now 36. When we met, I had no clue my ex was attracted to minors. It wasn’t till we broke up that I found out he was talking to a 17 year old and hitting on 16 year olds! Then I found a few years later when the job he was working for was allowing 15 years to come work there… guess what he was doin?

    Op, karma has a funny way of catching up to the creeps because he’s going to not only discard this woman for a shiny new younger model, but eventually someone’s parent is going to put him in the hospital for it!

    So just go no contact, let your family know what’s up that isn’t clued in yet, tell them if he’s invited they get cut off too, and move forward.

    In due time things will balance out and your dad will get what’s coming to him years from now.

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