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  1. Dump him. Why waste time trying to convince a man to care about your sexual gratification while you bust ass on top and he lies there looking at you like a log with hair. Nah. Why is it up to you to encourage him to see you as an equal? If you want to stay with him, you should sit down and have a proper conversation about it. Sex should be enjoyable for all parties involved, your partner should care about your experience and pleasure, and they should also be willing to communicate through issues. You are not being unreasonable whatsoever sweetheart you are being a doormat.

  2. If you're life goals and ambitions aren't at least similar or make you conflicted, then maybe he isn't the right guy for you.

    I dont mean to judge, but you're 3 months into a relationship and you're already planning on moving in with each other? Firstly, take a step-back. If you're already worried about him providing his share of the money because he's unwilling to work a job with a sustainable income, I wouldn't trust him with a responsibility like that. Additionally, long distant relationships can be a hit or miss. You'll either waste a lot of money trying to visit him or not get the satisfaction of the physical side of a relationship.

    If he's triggering you with something he's saying and putting you in a unsafe scenario, then it's not worth it. You're being and mentality is much more important than a relationship. If your partner is slowly draining your mental state or causing you to lashout, you need to leave.

    If you start putting him infront of your own needs, then you need to immediately reevaluate and reassess yourself.

    Final notes: chances are, he probably swindled you with his charm. However, what your probably noticing, is that slowly over time you start to find more and more things you don't like about him or bother you. DO NOT try and change him; it's completely pointless.

  3. Nah fuck them. Those “friends” just want to be around a lot of people.

    I am very curious to why they didn't invite you to their wedding though.

  4. One of his comments in his original post.

    “My bits responsible for producing sperm were removed 11 years ago and I’ve been on TRT since then. There is 0 chance that child is mine.”

  5. cold turkey could kill him, bad idea. that level of alcoholism is gonna require some rehab, or at the minimum professional treatment, for it to be successful. withdraw is a bitch.

    do not date an addict-yes you want to help them, no they will not change for you. they must want to change themselves. until he starts treatment, wait for that. you’ve waited this long, it’s not gonna hurt you to make sure he’s following through with what he says he wants to do. trust me-it will save a lot of heart break.

  6. That is so bizarre, but not surprising. The amount of guys who probably never wash their ass astounds me.

  7. I’m putting that piece together now. I didn’t know about the fantasy until very recently but he’s always been so… absent. I didn’t know why but I still felt the effect. He’s never really been someone I feel I can fully depend on when the need arises.

  8. Do you generally respond and hold one person to account for things other unrelated people have said? Doesn't seem very fair

    I still don't get the level of response though as I agreed with you and then you agreed with me but in an angry way. Like you're angry that I agreed and you agreed with me.

    Maybe its because I'm on the spectrum but I dont understand it.

  9. That's just not true. Sometimes I wish women would actually think of men as people with complicated fears and vulnerabilities.

  10. Have you considered “Pay it yourself or your phone will stop working. I have no reason to care which one you choose”?

  11. I’m not being defensive. You said in your post that she told you she regrets it, that you said you wouldn’t judge but now your sad. I’m basing that position on that. If you don’t think you made her feel judged at all by your questions and reaction then fair enough. But that’s not what it sounds like.

  12. as an idea, perhaps start planning a large 30th birthday party for your wife and invite everyone in your neighborhood, your kids school, camps, etc etc etc, Make it very large and very public

  13. I’d forgive him anything he showed true remorse for,

    Why? Based on the description of your marriage it's been miserable and he treats you like crap.. What's to save? Face in the community or the church? Imagine waking up every day not sharing a home with a cheater who has lied to you for years and treated you worse than the affair partner.

    Hire a Private investigator, get your ducks in a row, and when you have solid evidence proceed with divorce so you can live a dignified life.

  14. It sounds like she’s not feeling ready for a commitment. It’s up to you how long or whether you want to continue with her. She’s not that into you.

  15. I dated a girl who thought she alone had the right alien to define love and what it means to everyone else. She would always say “then it is not love” and also was threatening with suicide etc.

    Luckily I remembered how it was to date girls who aren’t a walking “situation”.

  16. Because in the UK, the police will tell the hospital (if someone mentioned their partner was pregnant) that this person may be a risk to the mother and/or the child. This is so they can prepare for worst case scenarios. My dad used to work in child protection and had a few cases where he had to report to the hospital a pregnant person’s drug use. This is so the hospital staff could try and convince the mother to wean off what she was using for the sake of the baby and in turn they would keep the police informed so that a decision could be made as to whether the child could stay with the parent or if they would need to be removed. Information is quite often passed around but it is kept to a minimum. More than likely the information was passed through because OP’s partner said something to the police that concerned them enough to get in contact.

  17. He’s actually a really good dad. I couldn’t do that to my kids. Or to him. Even if he’s being unfair right now.

  18. I'm thinking about it, but what would that accomplish? To begin with, even if i didn't want to do this, i had her explicit permission to do it without the need to tell her. And now that it's happened, I'm afraid it would actually harm her. I really don't see any positive thing about telling her, it would either only cause her anxiety because she'd worry about me, or anxiety because she'd somehow blame herself. And i don't want that. The only “positive” thing would be me temporarily feeling better and that's not only selfish, but it'd fade away quickly.

  19. Maybe she wants a friend, maybe she’s into you.

    Either way, you don’t want to start a relationship with infidelity. It also means there’s a big chance you’d get cheated on too!

  20. This, honestly, go and make it as awkward as possible.

    Make charts and graphs showing his age, his former partners' age, and duration of relationships.

    Compare him to Leonardo Di Caprio.

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