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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. You act like people who grow up to be anything except well-adjusted and perfect people by young adulthood had bad parenting. A person can have perfect parenting and still come out to be a murderer.

  2. I have people to talk to about it and yeah I'm working the steps and finding hobbies and new ways to cope with things and just loving my self and I know not being a mean drunk doesn't diminish the issue I've endangered my life among others with it and I've made the choice this time to finally put it down for my self and not the relationship

  3. True, the point is you’re being accused of being a pedophile when it’s your wife that’s been the pedophile (ephebophile) all along!

  4. You need to have a conversation about this. They are rather difficult conversations because the expectations of our weddings differs so greatly. I'd highly recommend premarital counciling. It will take hell you both openly discuss these topics in a meaningful way.

    My partner is a therapist and we are looking to get married and had a similar conversation that took a few hours. Long story short she wanted a glamorous wedding. I hate the idea of weddings, attention, speeches, formality, despise it all. I told her I'd much rather take a month+ long 20k honeymoon and really enjoy ourselves. We can invite our families out to a nice dinner and get married somewhere beautiful for cheap. She agreed but said as long as she can renew our vows with a big catered event in the future if she felt like she needed it.

  5. I mean, money aside, his whole thing about dudes not being happy if they're girlfriend went out to get a drink by themselves it's a really weird hill for him to die on. You're allowed to do things on your own that don't involve him

  6. Your BF may feel genuine remorse and things will be great for a while, then he will assault you again. Then again, he will feel remorse. This is a cycle that will continue. Eventually the time between assaults will lessen and the remorse will also.

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