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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. You are right, I know. I have no intention on cheating on him. I just don't know what would be the right thing to do

  2. I (27F) want to learn to love my bf (27M) again after he S/A me in a drunken stupor.

    No, honey. It's over now. I'm sorry.

    Do you have a therapist to support you, both through this, and through the f*cked up situation with your family inviting your other rapist to Thanksgiving?

  3. Look man, you aren’t the problem.

    What sticks out to me, was “I was just trying to talk about something . But she was tryna chill at the end of her day and I disrupted it”.

    If she came up to you at the end of a long day and had something important to her to talk to you about, do you think you’d tell her she was burdening you?

    I don’t think you would, I think the idea of saying something like that repulses you. I hope you realize what I’m saying.

  4. By trying to understand his on point of view of how he wants this relationship to travel. Wait till he reaches out so you get a clear picture of where he's coming from. I don't really think he wants to end it but I think he wants to change your approach on how you vent all the time to him. Perhaps you can keep it on a down low with the venting about your supervisor. Most of these professors are asswipes and love to frustrate students. As for why he's less romantic, that's on him. I see no reason why teh romance shiuod dwindle just because both of you are apart. This is something you both will need go work on moving forward.

  5. You sound like an unpleasant person to know and work with, to be honest. Maybe the story is coming across ass it happened ?

  6. Tell him you wanna hang out one on one Tom now on. She’s welcome in group setting but not when’s just the two of you. Also, if she’s rude to you tell your friend before it escalates and ruins your friendship.

  7. With no further context, you are the problem. People ignore a lot of issues and sweep them under the rug becuase of “Family”. Toxic family members will always say, “but we're family”. Shitty parents will also condition their kids to accept their shitty behavior.

    Just because you do, doesn't mean your wife should. This is a marriage that's primed for failure becuase you won't stand up to your parents. She's made her lines and you are willing to cross it.

  8. Well even as friends, that seems to be gone. So, process what happened and move on woth your life, on your separate ways. Breaking up any kind of relationship is hard, but sometimes we need to accept some chapters of our lives ended.

  9. My sister married her husband after a month 4 years later they're still together with a 3yr old ☺️ it can work bu lt it's definitely not easy.

  10. I wish your comment was at the top. Dude is mad insecure and I guess she really cares about him if she's willing to throw away about a thousand dollars worth of hoodies.

    The fact that she said she would and he's still upset about it makes me think that she should leave. What else is he going to get controlling about.

  11. Dude if she’s texting other men then leave. Did your mom entertain other men while being with your father? (She might’ve) but no probably not. She’s gonna accuse you of being controlling if you say you don’t like it. This is a witchy women who’s not suitable for a relationship. Leave and find someone who’s not talking to other men.

  12. It may suck ass to move into a couch, especially while pregnant. However, you're going to need help with the baby anyways and I'm gonna take a wild guess and say the abusive sperm donor is not gonna be much help.

    Have you spoken to your landlord about moving out or getting him off the lease whenever you guys renew? How often do you renew the lease?

    You should be in extremely close contact with your landlord. Don't give too many details about your relationship. Ask them for discretion, but that you may need to move out if he refused to take your ex off the lease.

  13. If you are tired of doing this with him then STOP. You can stop this easy. Don’t answer his calls/texts.

    And for telling his gf? You already told her twice that he cheated. You more than fulfilled your ethical duty. Telling her out of spite won’t be a healthy choice for you. I’d stay out of his drama.

  14. I'm sorry that happened to you. Just tell him what your therapist said and that she confirms it. He should be understanding instead of blaming you.

  15. It sounds like they want her to move elsewhere and they will pay. Can you be more forthright about what they propose?

  16. Hahahahhaa “agree with facts” sure bud. You know what the ladies want, we will all defer to your wisdom just cause you say it’s FACTS BRO. I don’t even need the references to the studies cause it’s so obvious you are an expert! Way to go bro dude

  17. Holy crap. How long were they “dating”?!? If they broke up five years ago….he had to have been with her when she was 17 or 18, and he was 30!!!!

  18. Thank you. My world's really turned upside down in the last 24 hrs. What I thought was just a goofy guy is turning out to be a monster.

  19. Today my mom was driving through our town (we live 2hrs away from our hometown) and we were going to get lunch together, but he wanted to watch the football game. He kept whining saying that he rather watch the game than come to lunch with my mom. So I just said “ I don’t want you to come if you don’t want to be there” so he just stayed home. It’s been awhile since he’s visited with my family too

  20. Take your child to the doctor/urgent care ASAP. Also, call the police. Explain to them what happened – get it documented. Your SO can not be trusted with your child.

    Get out NOW with your child.

  21. I actually don’t really think this is the situation. She doesn’t go out all THAT often for drinks from what I can tell, it’s just that it’s the only thing she’ll say yes to me for. We probably go out for a drink once every 2 weeks or so, and it’s not like a super late night thing. We’ll go like after dinner, and usually not out for more than 2-2.5 hours.

  22. There is an American dad episode on It. I think Stan has a backup wife. Then he is not happy when franceen gets one (I spelled her name wrong I'm sure) …. it ends with the backups trying to kill both respectively due to wanting to be with the other….. hillariouse but exsactly what builds resentment in a marriage. It's ride or die not “but what If”

  23. Not true. Unfortunately it can be an issue with depression, and it doesn't matter how attracted you are to your partner . And some meditations for depression can make it worse.

  24. I would say it’s reassuring to know I am not the only one who struggles with this but it’s no consolation knowing someone else is going through it too. It always makes me feel like if it’s easier to do it on my own is it easier to just be alone? But then I’m not convinced there’s any better man out there for me so sometimes it’s the evil you know, right?

  25. I came here because the title sounded caveman with “me” instead of “I” and ended up sending this to a bunch of friends because I am invested as fuck now.

  26. Haha, good luck and I hope he proposes soon, whether on this trip or not! I'm sure you'll look perfect to him no matter what!

  27. Seems like a leap. She’s trying to get healthier by cutting out alcohol and smoking. She’s on a diet. Changing your diet can cause constipation.

  28. Ask yourself this, if you invested 7 years into someone, only to be cheated on behind your back, would you want to be informed about it? In general do you think this is a good thing to do?

    I sure do believe this the “right” thing to do. Keep in mind however depending on circumstances many people choose against morally correct actions.

    This is not a choice reddit can make for you. I can only tell you the “correct” course of actions.

  29. This so abusive. He is not acting like a loving partner, he is acting like you are his possession. People who are in jail get more freedom than you do. He is not your boyfriend he is your warden.

  30. IVF is very tough, on the body and the mind. Don't do it unless you are ready. Don't let him guilt you into it.

  31. If you’re thinking of breaking up you need to do it. No waiting until it’s convenient, you’d be using her for financial and sexual reasons and it’s not ok to use people.

  32. He thought you were passed out upstairs so he could get away with taping your sister. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t his first time doing this to her or a friend of yours.

  33. His dick and the sex aren't worth it! Kick him out and sell the car as a last resort, just to be done with him!!

  34. I appreciate this so much. Thank you. Everyone was being so mean ? I thought I was crazy but this was so kind and helpful. Will def try this moving foward.

  35. Honestly it’s probably the fact too that you’re closer in age to his 20 year old son and he’s 19 years older than you. This age gap is huge and you guys are just in two extremely different places in your life. You would be much happier finding someone close to your age that doesn’t have these problems.

  36. I just wanted to say, my husband has to quit getting mad when I say I’m not hungry or I’m not going to eat anything. He also has to quit worrying and obsessing over me not eating, and he has to quit bothering me about it. If he doesn’t, then I’ll see him in court and make him pay me child support!

  37. You are the weirder one for making this into an argument and caring enough to put it on Reddit. If this is the weirdest thing he does, he’s not weird at all in comparison to many others.

  38. I haven't given him an ultimatum. Every single time I've brought this up, he's brushed it up saying,” oh i am invited to thing Jack will be there too, I cannot not talk to him and chill with him. That's just what we do, I am nice with everyone! Why is it an issue as long you don't see him”?

    And now he's going to tell me how I made a big deal by making this post and shouldn't listen to bunch of strangers on the internet!

    But I am that desperate for some support, i have to reach out to strangers, i have no one to go to, i have approached him multiple times in this matter, I get the same response ⬆️ , my family and friends will end up hating him if they know about this situation and how he is causing me pain and doesn't care. My friends will tell me I deserve better and should not get married to him and judge him forever.

  39. I’m coming closer and closer to the conclusion that this is not the relationship for me. The conversation actually continued after I posted this in which she expressed how, during her move she was hyper supportive of me while I studied for my exams while she received zero help from me or anyone during her move. Neither of which were factual; she would indeed consider her actions while visiting to be helpful when she came to drop her stuff off as she moved but amidst her helping, it would come with a mountain of negativity, and additional tasks for me help her with, disregarding my current workload

  40. Honestly you should have broke up right away. The fact that she made a promise that she didn’t keep should be the final nail in the coffin. Don’t put up with the disrespect

  41. Don’t say anything more to anyone. They have already let you know that they think he’s funny. I would have a conversation with the wedding coordinator or the venue manager and have them be on notice that anyone in a clown suit needs to be escorted out. Don’t mention it to anyone.

  42. Literally i don't know how you type that out so confidently. Sister was interested in him, that's what dates signify. Her not fucking him on the first date doesn't make it any less valid. In op's mind sex=mine/taken. Such a screwed up way of thinking.

  43. Literally i don't know how you type that out so confidently. Sister was interested in him, that's what dates signify. Her not fucking him on the first date doesn't make it any less valid. In op's mind sex=mine/taken. Such a screwed up way of thinking.

  44. Either get over it and be a good boyfriend/don’t judge.

    Or don’t get over it, and break up with her.

    Nothing wrong with either of these.

    The only red flag I see on her part, is the fact she still has their nudes. I’m not sure why you care more about her past, than her current in this case.

  45. Yea, you don’t have a daughter anymore.

    Maybe your trophy wife is willing to make you a new one ?

  46. You have the best daughter in the world- you wished she was never born – she erased herself from yours – your daughter granted your wish…

    As for how to mend with your daughter- there is no way especially if you cheated on her mom with your current partner….

  47. How is it your responsibility that she isn’t bored? Or to feed her? Feels like both of those problems would solve themselves if you ignored them right.

  48. This is a great comment. I speak fluent english but I'm swedish, have been fluent since I was around 12, learned it myself, but there are just tons of words in the english language you haven't encountered when watching movies, reading comics, playing video games and roleplaying games.

    So, back in 2003 I got a contractor position in the UK. Great fit, I'm fluent, everything will be fine – but my brain almost melted by being in contact with native english 24/7, it was so overwhelming. My first word that was confusing me was “applicable”, spoken by an american guy on the team. I would have said it “applicable” but he pronounced it “applicable” and I was like confused for a day after that.

    Language is FUN.

  49. Your brother regrets his decision.

    You remove your name, then when your father does, all investments go to the estate, and are divided equally among heirs.

    I am literally dealing with this right now with a family member who passed away last week. He intended to leave his investment assets to one person, but never got around to doing it, so now it's part of the estate and how investments are to be divided equally among the estate.

    Your brother wants your name off, so that when your dad passes, as siblings, you will have joint shares of the estate.

    If your name remains on, when your father passes, it will go to your and you alone.

  50. This is not the time to be speaking about sterilization. If you both were in a committed relationship, you being sterilized would be the easiest. She carried the babies and male sterilization is less invasive. Since that's not the case you are individually responsible for your own reproductive future and should make decisions on your body and your body only.

  51. You are getting a lot of aggressive answers here. I would find this absolutely disrespectful. Normally people in relationships where porn is okay only watch it so rarely when the other person isnt home. No matter if they are “horny” or not, this is super disrespectful.

    If i were you id ask myself whether you are okay with porn in relationship and the issue was him doing it while you were in the house, or whether it hurts you hes watching porn alltogether. Both are complitely okay as im sure you know: the problem with the latter is that men havent acknowledged that women should have a say of what are their boundaries in relationships.

    However, if the issue is you felt hurt about the fact he wanted to do it even though you were there and only for that felt disrespected, talk to him about it and make him see why it is hurtful and just rude. If he continues i personally wouldnt stay, most people wouldnt do that out of respect and the fact he is that comfortable doing it with you in the next room hints that he uses it a lot

  52. Nobody has a right to their partner being a pregnant birth control procedure done

    But also, nobody has a right to have their spouse stay with them if they choose not to get it done.

    If a permanent birth control option is needed, it should be done by the person who would experience the fewest health complications. If he would rather she go through 10x the pain and suffering so he doesn't gave to go through any pain or suffering, he's a shit partner and she would be unwise to stay with him.

  53. OP quite clearly only said it as an offhand comment because his wife refuses to take no for an answer. I don't see at all how his wife is in the right for hounding him about having a medical procedure that he does not want.

  54. You don't know what to do because there isn't anything that can be done to help someone who won't help themselves. What about group therapy? Sometimes religious groups sponsor meetings for mental health issues. His comments about you being his only path to happiness is a trap. You should seriously consider moving on.

  55. Keep it to yourself.

    For starters, it's none of your business.

    What's your aim here? How does anyone benefit from spreading this?

    You don't know the situation. It's possible that (A) has an open relationship you're not aware of so seeing M is ok. Maybe F is just making stuff up. You don't know if it's true, you could end up in trouble with HR for spreading malicious rumour.

  56. Well, here’s the problem you’ll never be able to trust him again because he wants to have sex with other people. I know some people think that’s OK and intellectually you may go along with the idea because you guys are young. But emotionally you won’t be able to take it. Tell him you’ll get to go first and you’ll pick the man you watch how fast that man slips up. Just try it say OK I’ve decided to go along with an open relationship, but I’m gonna start sleeping with other men to. And he will have a completely different tune because he doesn’t want to open the relationship. He wants to legally cheat on you and get away with it while holding you captive just trying to see.

  57. Lol I think your right! I just felt the energy sucked right out of me reading about this guy. Holy hell!

  58. Don't date married women, that's cheating and it sounds like to me that she's not in a good place mentally due to the guilt of cheating or whatever, but it would certainly explain her mood swings.

    “Breakup” with this woman and find a new partner cause I can tell this isn't going to end well for you.

  59. As long as you stay with her, you'll allow her to do this. Either you accept it, or not : it's up to you.

  60. Don't ever apologize for something that I should've told her months ago. But thank you for the truest possible words you've ever told me. However, I'll still remain friends with her cause I feel more comfortable with it.

  61. A bottle of cologne, some golf clubs, clothes. These are presents. a threesome is not a present. telling someone that they are going to be spending their night having a kind of sex that they might or might not wish to be having – In your case, you're clearly have cold feet – is definitely not a gift and it's not a gift from a loving partner. I think I would just ask her what is wrong with her that she thinks this is a good idea. I would certainly consider leaving.

  62. she doesn't want to give your last name to your child

    She wants to hyphenate. The child will have both their last names.

  63. Showering and cleaning are two different things. Especially if he showers or takes hot baths to soothe muscles. These actions could make him smell worse due to sweating. They could also make bacterial infections like yeast worse. He needs to start cleaning fully with a disinfectant soap such as dial. Then an antiperspirant for the pits and possibly for the grown area.

    Underwear and under clothes in general need to be washed with soap and water as the soap will help emulsify body oils and will help kill bacteria. Once he has established good “known” hygiene standards and if he is still smelling he will need to see a doctor.

    The biggest issue from a conversation stand point is how long you have let this go. When you finally tell him he has stunk for months to the point of missing out on sex and smelling at work is trust. I simply wouldn’t trust someone that let me be in an embarrassing situation for months. Imagine you had a booger on your nose. He tells you he noticed it two months ago. Meanwhile you have been to friends, meetings, and many stores.

    Ps if he is a guy and takes 3 to 4 showers a day he is 99% addicted to porn and masturbation.

  64. I have large tits. I don’t need to book a hotel room to let you feel them. A room is an investment of money for time and privacy for a lot more than feeling my tits. He was going to fuck another woman.

  65. Wow it’s really that hard to admit you just missed it huh? It was there the whole time. But I’m not touching this conversation anymore

  66. Do your thing. Just as it’s not your job to atone for the sins of his girlfriends past, it’s not your job to manage his insecurities.

    The most you can do is be up front and honest, don’t start lying about perfectly normal interactions with coworkers because you’re afraid of his response.

    Reassure him that you love him, but don’t get involved in defending and justifying that you’re a normal human person who interacts with friends and colleagues.

    If he can’t deal with it, this probably isn’t going to work out.

  67. Pets are family…they our fur babies….you can't just ask your girlfriend to get rid of them. That's not right. Find a solution to your problem. You need to move out in a few months and you both make 60,000 a year. That's decent money for a decent place. Prioritize things. A roof over your head and food should be number one…car…phone…what other bills do you have? That you can't get a decent place? I actually have the same problem…have to move in a few months and got a lot of pets. I'm looking now for a place that allows dogs. It's easier to hide a cat than a dog. I may have to find a more expensive apartment and figure out my finances. I suggest you do the same.

  68. This. Find a woman with a perfect gene pool and tomorrow she gets hit by a truck.

    Old saying: Man plans, God laughs.

  69. I’m all honesty. 1. Because of how much we’re excited to get our lives started 2. The job opportunity will quite literally change both of our lives for good.

  70. Honestly, If my boyfriend was friends/ going away with a person who constantly talked shit about me- even without all the other stuff- I would seriously reconsider everything. He obviously has no problem with someone disrespecting you and your relationship.

  71. I'm sure his wife didn't think he was a virgin. Unless he keeps an eye on every woman he's slept with for 9 months post-break up to see if she has a kid, the possibility is always there.

    If the wife is feeling some kind of way about it, she is an adult who can seek counseling. She doesn't get to alienate her step kid by telling the whole community he's a scholarship kid they're hosting out of the goodness of their hearts. She has an astounding lack of empathy and foresight. What was her plan if her stepchild decided to stay with them during college? When stepson shows up with his own wife and kids for holidays with the family? Keep lying? There's something very wrong with her.

  72. None of y'all sound ready and mature enough for marriage.

    Get this mess annulled , grow up, and move on.

  73. Why would he ever leave someone who he can verbally abuse whenever he wants to and trauma dump on like a vomiting child who will still turn around and suck his dick at the end of the day. Most men have to pay good money for that kind of attention.

    So, I’m sorry to be so crass but you’re delusional if you think he’s staying out of love for you.

    Either he needs to start using proper professional help for his trauma (if he’s even struggling with that) or you need to get out. I don’t use the “leave him” lightly. So do this for me.

    Sit down and think. Really think. Are you willing to do this back and forth for the rest of your life? Can you mentally load this when you’re 40, 60. Do you want kids? Would you want them to watch him scream in your face he doesn’t like you in front of them? Do you want them to have it happen to them.

    Today is one thing, tomorrow is another, but do you really want to start a family with this? Do this when you’re 8 months pregnant and tired? Do this when you’re dealing with your own postpartum after giving birth? Watch him throw a tantrum under the blanket because he can’t handle the baby waking him at 3am for a feeding?

    Do you want to spend the rest of your life taking care of someone who tells you twice a week they hate you? You want to do that for the next 40 years? Do you really really want that?

    Answer those questions yourself and to hell with what anyone here has to say, answer those for yourself. Be honest with yourself and take the step you need to take action on those answers.

  74. In relationships, you help each other. You are in a relationship with this guy, but he doesn't seem to be in one with you. You deserve better.

  75. Also her moms passed away and her dad is a drug addict so she cant get help from them. We live in canada btw, she was on welfare but her cheques are on hold because she needs to bring some documents in. Regardless her welfare is like 800 a month and i make like 7k a month so shit falls onto me regardless. If i say anything about it she says in throwing in her face and playing victim. On her moms death anniversary she sat there telling me how her mom was a welfare bum and that it was unfair because if it were my mom she wouod have lived because my parents make money, they didnt always tho that was more recent….but it makes me feel guilty for even having a family

  76. Yeah, but if he spends 50 and she spends 100, then technically, she is getting a 25% discount.

    Cheapskate. frugal. economical. They're all pretty much the same in this context.

  77. I’m just not sure what to do when she said he would be paying for these things. It’s definitely on her. I’m at a loss.

  78. The problem is not with his friends- it's with him. Why are you with someone who would be so abusive and invites his friends to do the same? No one has given you suggestions because there is no excuse or cure for abuse. Having enough respect and love for oneself to know when to get out is the only cure.

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