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Date: October 1, 2022

12 thoughts on “Ashleyvegaa live webcams for YOU!

  1. Theres a stark difference between being unstable and growing the f up and you are not unstable, you’re just growing.

    People evolve and sometimes that means not doing stuff you used to and based on how you describe the situation, kinda sounds like weed might be the only thing you have in common with these friends.

    One of the things that always irks me is when people who smoke get butthurt if someone doesnt want to, and the reason is simple- they feel judged or they judge themselves bc youre showing them someone who can have fun without weed and they… cant.

    Contrary to what most smokers say to convince the masses that weed isnt heroin, you can overdo it and get addicted just like you could get addicted to anything you overdo.

    As for your boyfriend, Im not a big fan of the fact that he doesnt sound supportive of you choosing not to smoke anymore. Its not like youre choosing not to work or choosing not to breathe or choosing not to go on dates or some shit, youre just not smoking. Why is that so important? He’s either on board with you not smoking, or you should be off board with him. He either feels judged or judges himself like I stated above, or he doesnt know what else to do with you and thats not a relationship.

    Good on you for quitting and wanting more in your life, youre not crazy, and you dont need the misplaced judgment these stoners are throwing at you.

  2. As someone who’s worked for a few nfp organizations in Ontario even i did not have to share a bed room… only when i was an intern they did ask me of it would be okay to share a room with someone and they were female … and we had a suite style room so two separate spaces with doors to shut. This is not really normal unless they both were jumping up and down to share a room together

  3. It wasn’t the addiction itself that she was more upset about it was that I hid it and hid it well

  4. He cheated because he wanted to cheat. And he will do it again. You are never – I repeat NEVER – at fault for being cheated on.

  5. Hey, regarding colic. Look up elimination diet. Assuming you're breast feeding him there could be something you're eating that's irritating him. My wife did it with our first born and it was night and day after she started. It sucked for her because most of the foods she liked and had been eating were no-nos. But it best a baby who was crying all the time.

    About your husband. It'll be hard with the kid, but you need couples counseling if it's not too late and you want to salvage the relationship. Or, you should see your own therapist to help you figure out what you want and how to get it.

    Best of luck.

  6. He shouldn't be doing it to his employees and he shouldn't be doing it to you. I'd ask him if he'd throw a tanturm like that if one of his empolyees had enough self respect to refuse? If “no” why do you have to deal with it?

    He isn't the king and none of you are his servants. He needs to get over himself, use his big boy communication skills to ask nicely, or use his functioning legs to take his lazy self to a trashcan.

  7. She is old enough to know better. Go to surviving It helped me with a cheating wife. Best to monitor communication s between them. Could turn into a affair

  8. I think if she wants you to tell your husband first, you should. I can imagine it is a scary thing for her to meet a new partner's family. She probably wants to protect herself from any potential negative reaction. If your husband is told by someone else, he can process and react to the information in any way he does while she's not right in front of him. I do not think you should put the burden on her to come out as trans to a man she doesn't know. If you really do not want to tell your husband, you could tell your son to do it… but one if you should.

  9. All you can do is talk to her about it. Ask her without any kind of confrontational attitude if there was any hint of seriousness about it.

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