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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. She's 25. Imagine how she will be in a few years! I'd run as fast as I could from her if I was OP. She has zero respect and zero love for him. He should not be her toy. She is abusive and very manipulative.

  2. Be upfront and honest, they may not like you afterwards, but they may respect you more for being open with them about things like this.

  3. Seeing your responses, I think the best scenario is to decline the invitation. You don’t want to borrow money from your partner, and he doesn’t seem to be able to understand your finances vs his despite conversations about it. I would be concerned if my partner was unwilling to understand or empathize with me on the topic of finances

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  5. Your bf wants to be sexually adventurous. That's usually not compatible with being in a monogamous relationship. Let him go so he can do his exploring. Otherwise you both will be unhappy.

  6. I'm quite strong willed on things like this. I'd be curious what he thinks he found out but after this behaviour I wouldn't even try to prove my innocence, I'd be done anyway.

  7. u/JM_Flynn Neither, it was a smooched kiss from across the room. Perhaps she might know his name coz we're in the system.. He doesn't know her name and said he's never spoken to her apart from saying hi and bye when coming in and out. We go to the gym together, very rarely without me.

  8. I would like to understand the why better so I can be a better partner and to understand and not upset my partner.

  9. Thats the thing though I know when in the future she is going to be committing these crimes like specific dates and times & there is a spot on the tip website to specify exact times and sates of the future crimes. So your advice would be to follow through with the report?

  10. Your BF is being a wanker (I'll put it in English terms in case he reads this, so he can understand me).

    I was born to Turkish parents who moved to America some decades ago. I think I experienced the same thing you did–only hearing Turkish until I went to school and learned more English at school, etc.– but I have NEVER met anyone who told me to drop my heritage and just “fit in”; wtf?

  11. Well clearly I need his location, if he is going to a strip club and was gunna play it like he wasn’t there. Also we have it technically for emergencies, which Im not afraid to admit, it is something that makes me feel more comfortable in our relationship.

  12. And just like meth, it isn't everyone else's problem. Yes it's a mental issue, but it's the sick person's responsibility to get treatment.

    You can't be an asshole to your wife for 20 years and then say “you can't leave me because I have mental illness! If you leave, I won't get better”

    Fuck that! And I say this as a person with mental health and addiction issues.

  13. Usually if you quickly notify a company who just auto-renewed your subscription that you don't want it, they'll cancel and refund you.

    Duolingo doesn't. I had this happen to me last year and I contacted them the same day and they refused to refund it.

  14. I think unrealistic expectations plays a part, but more so because of your age. You are only 19 years old, so you are still learning about yourself & that is totally normal. Only time is going to be able to help you work out what is realistic for you.

    The bigger problem is the fact your relationship is long distance. That can strain even the strongest of relationships.

    No matter what relationship you are talking about there are going to be issues. How well you navigate them will depend entirely on how you approach them. So yes, compromise will be inevitable, even in relationships where ADHD/Autism isn’t a concern.

    You just need to approach them with an open mind, and remember that it is the two of you vs. the problem, not each other. It’s a balancing act between your wants/needs and theirs.

  15. You either learn how to get along with people who hold different opinions, or decide that this is a dealbreaker and move on from the relationship.

  16. He mentioned he finds the practice unfair as well, which is where the Rolex comes in. It kind of paints her as a hypocrite

  17. I mean just because you are lacking somewhere doesn't justify what she did. That's why I say counseling 100%. You both need to be very real about everything and see if you're both willing to put in 100%

  18. For the most part, I do try to be the best partner. Not tryna toot my own horn but I hold myself accountable, am respectful, nurturing, caring etc.

  19. I mean. You know the answer. Now change it. Get toys and give her the best sex of her life. Also, size doesn’t matter if you can please her other ways. Woman rarely care about size more than pleasure. And a huge dick isn’t great all the time. So just relax, don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to, ask her what she got from them that made her cum and do that for her.

  20. This is the special level of fucked up where you surely don't even want to know what's going on in this mess because it would just be gibberish anyway.

  21. No. I think his behavior doesn’t respect my marital boundaries I’ve discussed with him. I feel like I have normal expectations for a marriage and being the wife. He’s always been secretive with his phone. It’s caused issues in the past. His best friend has been an issue in the past, feeling like she’s a sister wife. I thought I stopped it. Now he’s just been continuing on with his relationship behind my back instead. 🙁

  22. Men do tend to feel insecure around penis size. Even those with a perfectly good-sized penis are wishing for more due to porn standards.

    What you said must have felt humiliating to him. It's not one of those things you just disprove either, so his friends might have fun for it for a while.

    Regardless, it's not unforgivable, nor do I think a joke like that is always bad. It just kind of depends on the person and the friendgroup.

    Somwthing that concerns me however, is how you pass this along as a joke even though 50% of your text is about feeling malice towards your boyfriend. It feels more like this was a comment made due to childish spite rather than anything else.

  23. The “game” is called “Let's see how low an offer our target will take,” or “lowballing.” In the private sector, the game is played on just about every non-union job-seeker. Even in the public sector there are these pay grades, and if you apply for and qualify to be hired as a Bankruptcy Specialist IV you just might be offered a job as Specialist III by some budget-conscious manager. You've done well not to undervalue yourself, and have nothing to be ashamed of.

    But the bargaining Wife objects too may be part of a bigger, darker picture. I suspect that schoolteacher-Wife thinks badly of any profession that lacks a self-evident noble purpose. In finance, it is very hard to be a George Bailey when the game is played by Mr. Potter's rules, which reward him and his kind, and leave George just scraping by.

    So I am afraid that you and Wife face a very hard decision between financial goals and altruistic ones. Or more simply: what is all this money for, and how much would you sacrifice for what purposes? This could be a very tense dialog, seeing as how its YOUR career she'd like to redirect, and YOUR salary that she'd like to appropriate, for HER objectives. You may not find middle ground.

    Perhaps your last, best hope lies in offering Wife a second-phase, if she will just hang in there over Phase I. Some of the hardest-working highest-earning people decide to devote their early adulthood to amassing such wealth that they can essentially retire in comfort at, say, age 40. This is Phase I.

    Then comes Phase II, in which living their dream comes first. That dream has countless variations. One of them, I suppose, is to abandon the urban jungle, move to little Bedford Falls, and open a Building and Loan that helps the blue-collar workers and subsistence microbusinesses that the big banks can't be bothered with. But enough of Hollywood fantasy. Whatever you and Wife can agree on is fine with me. I wish you a wonderful life.

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