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Ela, 23 y.o.


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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. He also probably doesn't want her to kick him to the curb prior to his apartment being ready. It's dishonest as hell and very uncool.

  2. From my experience of online dating, guys are pretty useless at texting. I too have felt the same as you and had the same reactions. But guys seem to work in a different way. Whereas we seem to obsess about the amount of replies we get and end up snooping to find out what they are up to…they seem to live in a different universe. This happened to me fairly recently. A guy I met online, date went well, but life got in the way for a second date. I wanted to send a text like you…but didn’t. Eventually I didn’t text for a while and then just a casual one back…turns out he missed me and was happy to hear from me! Damn all those weeks spent overthinking and could have been much easier!

    My advice would be to reply something along the lines of “oh whenever…sometime over the next couple of weeks. Thursdays are good for me but whatever works best.” So keep it light and don’t pressurise. I find the more you put pressure on to meet up, the more likely you are to push them away.

  3. It's the affliction and a single event. It can also be applied to nonverbal things like a “stutter step” in sport.

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