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play with my clit [Multi Goal]

Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Don’t tell him you know and consult a lawyer. Tell some you trust too. Start printing or screen shotting evidence.

    If you have joint savings this could be critical. A lawyer will help you protect your assets.

  2. I’ll go up to them and try to strike up a conversation. I’ll try to get them to laugh and ask them about themselves, mixing in relatable experiences I’ve had depending on their answers. For promiscuous women, I’d probably just omit that I’m a virgin, and when they found out during the act I’d probably just bounce. College is where I’ve been trying and have been getting the same results. There isn’t really much to do where I live.

  3. A lot of people changed during the pandemic. It was a time where it became easier to radicalize vulnerable people.

    Leave. He won't change. Having these beliefs gives him a dopamine hit that is just too good. Don't waste any more time or effort on him. He's too far gone and you're too young to dedicate any more time on this.

  4. Maybe discuss using both his sperm mixed with donor sperm and do the iui instead of using IVF. We did IVF because I had an ectopic pregnancy and my other tube was not clear. We are the proud parents of an almost 24 year old son! For us it was worth it. There are a lot of on line support groups for infertility also the organization called Resolve has therapist who themselves have dealt with infertility and can give you guidance. Figure out what makes you so nervous and go from there!

  5. Explain why your standards are so low? Do you have any at all?

    You fucked a guy who smelled like dog piss. You need therapy.

  6. There’s nowhere enough information in this post to even understand what the underlying issue is and most of the comments are telling you to leave your husband

    Bring on the asteroid, our society is done

  7. Did you even read the entirety of that sentence? About caretaking roles? That’s a very specific scenario that is actually relevant to OPs situation.

    You’re just chatting to chat.

  8. There are couples who decide to remain in an essentially companionless marriage for a variety of reasons, children being just one of them. I can't imagine it myself. Those would be my final words to her. Perhaps a writer who stayed can advise you about that option.

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