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  1. I really don't think i can move on like this, she's the only perfect thing I got and I ruined this for her. I want to love her and care for her again like I used to, and make things right for her. I still love her to death.

  2. It's currently on average under 40k for a bachelors from a state school, and adjusting for inflation and increasing education costs, one would expect it to be significantly under 100k in 15 years or so even if they get absolutely no scholarships or loans. Stop discouraging people by exaggerating the cost of college. It isn't infeasible for any parent with any kind of planning capability

  3. maybe i’m crazy or maybe it’s an age thing but i would completely get icked too ? why is a man announcing the status of a first date to everyone on snapchat.

    I don't use Snapchat, I don't know the mechanics. Why is that inappropriate to post for you? Seems like the dude was excited and wanted to celebrate with his online friends.

  4. Have you guys ever done group counseling?

    A well trained mediation can help push past stalemate and keep the discussion on topic

  5. If my partner made a pact to lie to me with someone else, even if it was over something ridiculously inconsequential like what they had for breakfast, I wouldn’t trust them. With no trust your relationship is a sham. You’re a sorry excuse for a husband if you don’t tell your wife.

  6. break up with him. if you feel like you’ve reached a dead end, having sex with other people isnt going to change that. ive never felt that way about my boyfriend of 3 years, and you probably wont feel that way about the guy who is right for you. maybe you feel like you wont be able to handle it when he’s gone, but you just need a few days or weeks and you’ll get over him. he doesnt sound that great anyway… it just sounds like you two know your relationship is over but neither of you are willing to actually break it off

  7. Are you monogamous? I think you need to get out of this completely so they can work this out and get back to being happy together. All 3 of you had different visions of how this would turn out, live and learn. You have the responsibility of stepping away because he isn't available for this level of romantic relationship with you, staying will hurt your friend even more.

  8. You should not be getting married for a very long time. You need to break off the engagement and get yourself into therapy stat.

  9. Therapy isn’t helpful for everyone especially free therapy. I’ve tried it so many times it makes it worse and paying for therapy isn’t an option. I appreciate you trying but I was hoping for advice in my friendship not therapy bc it doesn’t help and they don’t care.

  10. Why is it any of your business what your future husband did with his money his apartment his car before he even met you is this the hill you choose to die on because you might be an ex-fiance instead of a wife. Leave it alone you are overstepping your bounds

  11. If you terminate, you’ll have no baby and no husband. If you chose to keep your baby, you lose your husband and i kind of feel like your family will come around eventually. The choice is yours

  12. This exact situation happened to my mom and her first husband. They tried to have a baby. Mom asked husband to get checked out. He lied and said the doctor said he was fine, so it was obviously her “fault.” He divorced her because of that.

  13. Proper advice ≠ hearing what you want to hear.

    You’ve been given the only acceptable advice. You are just refusing to accept it. Leave her alone.

  14. a little background would help for those asking why I brought this up. My boyfriend is bisexual and is very open about his sexual experiences with me, I was curious how big he's had simply out of my own curiosity, when he acted shy about it I slipped and said “I would tell you the biggest I've had” I have apologized for this over and over, and trust me I feel absolutely stupid for saying this.

  15. This isn't going to go the way you hope. Your mom has a point.

    Antisocial personality disorder is stigmatized for a reason. You believe he loves you because he shows you affection and loving behaviors. It may be that he has chosen to form a bond with you and is acting appropriately to express this to you–– but have you ever had a real fight? All you are currently experiencing may very well be conditional- so far you have been the kind of girlfriend he wants. You are 22. You may very well be a different person by the time you are 30. Conditional love means you don't get to change unless those are changes he can tolerate. What happens if he doesn't feel anything towards your child, or only offers conditional love?

    You are obviously going through with the pregnancy and the relationship. Do not cut your mom out. If he pushes for that see it for what it is- alienating you from support systems. Tell your mom you need her right now, and that she needs to accept your decisions but also, do some real reading from reliable sources for what you are dealing with.

  16. . I'll admit, I'm pretty sexually open, and have had sex with possibly more than my fair share of strangers

    Ah, how can I put it nicely. They see you as a fuck girl not really like a friend.

  17. Shit I wouldn't want to either lol is he going to help with your ob related stuff? Your physical and/or mental health meds/needs? Foh

  18. Tell him you really want to go to dinner and don’t care about the cost and that both of you can afford it. It’s entirely possible he’s a bit more dense than you’d prefer and didn’t get it. Don’t hunt, TELL. But also know, before you get married, that he’s someone you’re going to have to be direct with.

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