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31 thoughts on “Dhiyapinklive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. You can tell him you love him til you’re blue in the face… but put more thought into SHOWING him thru your actions.

  2. Just say you don’t want to expose your identity and she can do what she wants with the information. You let her know and that’s all you can do.

  3. You might try dodging meth heads, that way you’ll dodge the STD that is surely headed your way (pardon the pun) one day. We’ll see a post of some guy who says I took this shallow bar Skank home and her fanny was crusty and mouldy.

  4. Wonder what his wife thinks about all this or does she even know….

    This is an absolute no go for me. She will have to cut all contact and understand why this is unacceptable behavior for a married woman.

    What if you were doing what she’s doing, how would she perceive it…

  5. Just because he “just” discovered he likes dick, doesn't mean he gets a free pass to cheat. I hate when bi people pull this shit.

  6. It’s time to have the official “what are we?” Conversation that should have been said. Think about it beforehand what you are willing to give and what you aren’t. Be kind but firm on those boundaries.

  7. You're in your early twenties, so this is going to take a little bit to wrap your head around.

    She probably saw the same TikTok that every tenth post seems to be about, which she could have gotten from anyone, including someone at the retreat..

    She is stating she wants to have the freedom of being single, whilst still keeping you around, i say this because you aren't OK with the open relationship aspect, and she is injecting just enough doubt to make you actually believe you could accept this, when you've already said you don't want it. If you both agreed and found it fun/exciting, then THAT is an actual open relationship, what you have now is a gf who wants to sleep around and for you to be OK with it.

    I bet you hate to continually see this, but your youth is clouding your judgement here… I would have a lengthy conversation with your GF, being as non accusatory as possible, and get to the bottom of the five Ws.. ( Who, what, where, when, why) as well as possibly probing into if there are others “waiting in the wings” already… And to add an additional layer to this, when you talk… Gauge not only the content of her words, but the body language.. verbage used that you KNOW she never used prior to this ” retreat”. I'll give you some advice as well… From my experience, people who are brought up in church, especially heavy denominations such as Catholics, tend to be REALLY good at hiding things and manipulation, which stems from hiding things from their religious parents… But that's my 2¢

    You can't force it, you can't force acceptance and you can't force Love.. and you need to learn to love yourself before you can love another… And loving yourself means setting safe, secure boundaries and sticking to them, especially when you're being manipulated to cause doubt. What kind of Lover would put you in an uncomfortable situation?.. a selfish one, that's who.

  8. Sorry I haven't really had time to check on this with holidays and work. I'm not sure if he initiated the convo or not. From what my best guess is, these are random men probably met on omegle since I also found omegle in the search history on the same time as these conversations took place. Since they took place on snapchat its impossible to tell what the whole thing was as I only saw the saved message/pictures. My boyfriend is pansexual, so these are of men which I guess, in an odd way makes me feel slightly better he's not seeking things out from other women?? In a weird way, the whole situation still bothers me though.

  9. Maybe he’s concerned that you may have postpartum depression if you’re in your PJs all day and letting yourself go. There would have been much nicer ways to suggest you take better care of yourself, though. Maybe ask him what his actual concern is. I hope he’s not actually just that shallow and insensitive. I’d find out.

  10. My friends were weirded out at first due to the age gap but after meeting him and after being together for a while they came to the consensus there wasn’t anything to worry about. I wouldn’t say I had an absent father, but an abusive one yes.

  11. He doesn't sound reasonable and I wouldn't put it past him to retaliate on you or her. You need to protect yourself and God knows what he could do to others in thr future.

  12. He and his girlfriend don’t get tested. he has to wait until the baby is born and they do the blood test from the kid.

  13. Well you beeing on the spectrum makes sense. Don't you realize that proposing poly 3 months comes across as a bait and switch now that you are married.

    And your reasons don't make sense. We have no job so we should fuck others? Like what. Get a job.

  14. Thanks I really appreciate that ur here, I've been trying to keep my head straight but sometimes get into bad thought spirals.

    I can't really move out my house tho, I'm on the hook for rent for the rest of the year and I live in a big city so everywhere is stupid monies. I barely managed to get therapy through uni so I know the resources out there are strained to say the least.

  15. You’d have to give more context. Your post is very vague.

    I mod a stepmom group and am a stepmom myself. The number one complaint our members tend to have is that dad lacks good boundaries with mom and it impacts SM.

    Example: when I was first with my (ex) husband who had 50/50, it seemed that anytime we had plans on a night we weren’t supposed to have the kids, mom would call and ask if she could drop the kids off. And my husband would agree and cancel our plans without even talking to me. I finally started hiring a babysitter for backup every time we had plans so his ex couldn’t ruin our night. Wouldn’t ya know, she stopped once she figured that out. But my husband would never tell her no.

    Example: ex wife would just show up and let herself into our house to “get something for the kids”. Like we could be home asleep and she’d let herself in. She’d show up when we weren’t home and take things to “borrow”. I had to put up with that for a couple years before I put my foot down as she took my DOG. Once we took the keys away, she even tried to break into our house through the dog door.

    My (ex) husband just would never tell her no because he was afraid she’d withhold the kids and it was “easier” than just making her stick to the custody order. He was so averse to having conflict with her but no problem with me—I was just supposed to suck it up.

    My current partner has a good coparenting relationship with his ex with solid boundaries. We are flexible for things like vacations or whatnot but otherwise, she is responsible for kiddo on her time. My partner handles all of the communication. I am not in a role where I have all of the responsibility and no authority. He has it under control.

    So I don’t know what your situation is but if you’re bending over backwards for your ex and it’s impacting your partner then that’s a you problem. Stick to the custody schedule and plan.

  16. well in the event of a divorce would you be ok with only taking out what you put in? this is a loaded issue and people who say only contribute what you can is oversimplifying things and will lead to resentment on your bf's part

  17. Easy solution, break it down percentage wise. He obviously makes more than you so he would be contributing more but same percentage as you. There's no way he can think 50/50 is remotely fair

  18. Get rid of him. He's punishing you for something he wanted to happen and enjoyed happening.

    If he can't take responsibility for his own action and delude himself that it's your fault, he's not worth your time

  19. I would agree that something this consistent is probably not nothing.

    I think it's very kind of you to take the initial approach of worrying about her well-being. But I think where you went wrong here is by making it about her well-being for 2 weeks and then going straight to “my needs aren't being met, so leave me alone until you're ready to meet them”. I think the second step should have been split up into two steps.

    Step 1: something is off. Are you okay? Step 2: if you're really okay, then I need you to communicate with me a little more and put more effort into our conversations. My needs aren't being met in this relationship as it is right now. Step 3: you're still saying everything is fine, and you're still not meeting me halfway on the communication issue. I don't know what else I can do except ask that we take a break until you have the time and energy to talk to me more consistently or tell me what's going on.

    Maybe you did that at some point and just didn't clog this post with it. If not, I'd try finding a way to amend the situation and have that Step 2 conversation now.

    Also, you've only mentioned texts. Is this a LDR? The issue could be that she's not getting enough face time, and that might explain why she isn't seeing an issue. Losing touch can be a slow burn. So if possible, maybe schedule some time together, in person if possible. If not, try a video call, or even just a regular phone call.

  20. You initially didn’t consent to sex, then didn’t consent to him finishing inside you

    You skipped “didn't consent to doing it without a condom” (especially after driving to get some!).

    Even If OP got pregnant and she wanted to keep the baby, and he wanted to stick around, which is a lot of Ifs, he doesn't sound like great dad material.

  21. Which is so upsetting because I thought these were like… people I could trust. But it turns out they're just waiting for me to fuck them. I don't know what to do!

  22. Because no one who professes to love their husband that much would ever say that? And he asked really, giving you a chance to back out and you doubled down.

  23. i truly and really appreciate you taking the time to reply, but this is very untrue. he is not moving on in anyway. this is just something that we have a different outlook on. i feel like it's very important to reiterate how close we are and how much he has helped me grow- i do not say this lightly. he is extremely supportive of me and encourages me to feel my feelings, its just hard for me in this situation because of how intensely i feel about things that dont hold the same severity to him. i hope that cleared things up

  24. I can‘t help with that but you‘re a big W. I‘m glad that atleast some people want to make effort to make their SO feel loved.

    I hope your wife will be happy when she comes home! She deserves it!❤️

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