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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Think about this, because you are stuck with this guy in your life for at least 19 years now. Set boundaries, but be kind. If it's goodbye, try to end up friends, so the baby/child/teen/young adult will always feel secure and loved by both parents. You might want to change and just let him watch porn. If that's the worst he does in your relationship, you'll be happy. If you can't bear it, then let him go. I dont know what man you will find who doesn't watch it. Maybe some super religious guy. I must say congratulations on becoming a mother soon!! This is is a wonderful surprise!!! Also, your hormones are acting up, not your fault, but could really be the reason you want to break up. Think it all through and best of luck to you 🙂

  2. If she's really open to having a discussion, ask her why she's decided to leave, what about the relationship isn't working, if she's open to working on those things instead of breaking up, how you can support her while she's going through her personal issues. If you can have an honest conversation and she admits that she's overwhelmed and made a mistake and says she doesn't actually want to break up, then great, but make sure you set a boundary with her that moving forward you both need to communicate instead of running away because that's not fair to the other person.

    If she is not willing to discuss anything, or says she does want to break up, then no matter how much you believe in your heart of hearts that she's making a mistake, or only doing it because of x, y, z, then you tell her you wish her luck and goodbye. It's going to suck, it's going to hurt, it's not going to make sense. But the thing is, it only takes one person to decide you're not in a relationship anymore, and if she's making that decision, you have to accept it.

  3. And you cheated on her for years before. You still did it first. And at least she TOLD you, didn’t string you along

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  5. You are being insecure and childish. You start with saying you don’t mind him following people he knows, but complete strangers aren’t ok? He likes to look at attractive women. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your relationship- it’s very natural. You’re worried about someone who he has no chance and will never meet. It’s the same as if he were to say someone on TV is hot. If you can’t get over being insecure, you will spend a lot of your life very lonely.

  6. This post is littered with red flags they everyone has pointed out.

    I’m going to add, you are 39. Why can’t you bring him to your house regardless of what your mother thinks? I’m assuming you pay rent?

  7. Tell her ASAP , but prepare for blowback and legal trouble. She is going to demonize you, likely get legal custody and child support. You may never get 50/50 now. She may very well use your daughter as a weapon. It is better for kids to grow up with both parents in the home. They statistically do better in school, have less trouble with the law, and are more successful adults.

    That said, sit her down, tell her that her expectations going forward after the baby is born are unacceptable. You want a partner, a teammate. You don't want to essentially be her butler that sometimes has sex. Tell her exactly the type of relationship you want and expect. That she made it clear that she is unwilling to be that partner now. That it's unsustainable. Then let her know that you love your daughter, and am expecting to be fully present in her life and want to coparent 50/50. Then make sure to have a lawyer on call just in case. It could get ugly. Be polite. Be sympathetic even. Stay even tempered. And if in the states, record the conversation if possible. If it's not a 2 party consent state, you can record this conversation without her knowledge. If you do, try to get her to have this conversation recorded.

  8. He's not upset that he was with YOU. He's upset that he hasn't lived up to certain expectations and upset at who he is as a person.

    I know SO many people that didn't start any of those things until they are 30. Life isn't a race anyways. He's just struggling with his ego and looking for a place to put some blame for his “missed opportunities” which aren't missed at all. He simply hasn't done them yet and HE is the only thing stopping him. You supported him and he welcomed the relationship. You can't change how somebody else feels, he would feel this way regardless of who he was in a relationship with during these past few years.

  9. I'm a therapist … but I wouldn't write her off for it.

    Let's just say that I'm glad you're not my therapist.

  10. lmfao honestly. Jen is way WAY too fucking old to be acting like that lmfaoo “do u think it means something” lmao omg.

    no. u didn't. as a good friend, you held her accountable and didn't allow her to be in la la land.

    Jen is immature as hell. and what she is doing is wrong. esp what HE is doing.

  11. I am going to get down voted for this, but you did make a commitment, when you said you would be her bridesmaid. I understand life changes and now you don't value this relationship, but you made a commitment and are now wanting to back out of it with less than two months for her to try to replace you.

    Have you tried a middle step of communicating how you feel and setting reasonable boundaries? Telling her, 'no I will not be paying for hair and makeup, I will do my own and match the style of the other women'. Or just plain asking her if she'd be able to find someone to take your place?

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