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  1. “I’m using abusive behavior on an abuse survivor because I want you to look like my ideal.”

    You laugh at him until he leaves because he is a joke. That’s how you get him to stop.

  2. I reckon you really need to learn how to structure a cohesive paragraph… because that was a disaster of a read.

    Secondly… your therapist is wrong on some points. Yes, most men do prefer younger women. No, most men do not leave their wives for younger women. Actually women initiate the vast majority of divorces. Yes… society is obsessed with youth.

    I can't bare to go back and read the paragraph again to answer more yes or nos.

  3. I thought that neither my husband nor my best friend were worth me destroying my children's chance to a whole and safe home being a child of divorce myself.

    This doesn't even make logical sense. Your mindset doesn't really make sense. It sounds like you don't actually want a marriage at this point, you just someone to provide financial support and to be able to have the status of not being divorced. Your kids are going to suffer. For your own sake, I hope your husband becomes unhappy enough to divorce you since it seems like you don't have the wisdom to do it yourself. This marriage is a trainwreck.

    Your husband is an idiot for not using context clues and understanding that you were clearly not okay with this from the beginning. Obviously if you tell someone something and they leave crying, the answer is no. It sounds like he basically wanted you to pretend you were okay with it and you aren't pretending well enough for him.

  4. She clearly has some mental issues. It's unfortunate that she refuses therapy and/or medication. Chronic pain can make people cranky, but did you know antidepressants are often very effective at managing chronic pain? Her drinking also is at a level that will aggravate existing depression (alcohol is itself a depressant) and interfere with restorative sleep.

    I'm just trying to brainstorm directions for attacking these issues. She likely will be resistant to anything you suggest changing about her, as she prefers to think the problem is you.

    I think I'll suggest that you make an appointment with a faimly therapist. Then tell her about the appointment and ask her to go with you. If she refuses, tell her you are going yourself and you welcome her participation too. She might want to go just so you can't “talk about her” to someone else!

    The other thing I'll suggest is when she gets mad at you, as hard as this may seem, show concern and compassion for how she is feeling. “I can see how upsetting and frustrating this must be for you,” is one way you could put it. Does this require you to be superhuman in your degree of kindness and concern? Yes, it sure does. Try for it, anyway.

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