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Danielle - dixie or danni for short , ♡ live sex chat

Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. ? Just because guys will be friends with girls they don't find attractive doesn't mean they won't be friends with someone they do. I know plenty of guys, myself included, that had female friends they would have loved to get with but never pushed the issue because they are happy to be friends as well.

    There was even a Reddit post not that long ago where guys said they'd sleep with something like 80% of their female friends if given a chance.

    Of course they could also JUST be friends with you to try and get with you and you are friendzoning them.

  2. Of course, the dating scene nowadays is too chaotic for me. Men don’t know what they want, neither do women. All they know is that they don’t want to be viewed by their genders. Which is rather odd, granted that in every way of our bodies, are built entirely different for completely different reasons.

    Until we see that, we can’t value ourselves in the ways we deserve and understand that no matter how many labels we put on ourselves, a relationship is a team. In order to make it work, everyone can’t be doing the same thing. There’s different contributions to be made in order to keep the gears going.

  3. He mentioned it once if the post is anything to go by, that doesn’t count as an entire conversation unless I’m missing something out

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  5. That might just be the issue. Perhaps he thought you were into him. Nit now it looks like you're just playing games

  6. Does he believe democrats are going to confiscate his guns?

    Ask him is his right to own a gun a more important right than people marrying the person they love

    And I am liberal on social issues and while not a gun owner I have no issues with people owning guns

    I would make them responsible to secure their weapons and face consequences if they did not though

  7. Good luck, if you ever need help with this stuff and have no one else to ask, feel free to message me

  8. . I've felt so lonely here and really thought that some of my family members or my fiancé would've shown up a little more but no one did except for him.

    OP, I know it sucks being at the hospital. A few years ago, I was scheduled for a surgery, was supposed to stay for 1-2 nights…. well I ended up being there for a whole week. My fiancé at the time was abroad, and the only person who visited me twice or so was my mum.

    . Am I the asshole for asking him to stay with me?

    Hospitals make lots of people uncomfortable, and you're lucky that your fiancé was even able to stay the nights with you. In some places, that's not possible, even before Covid.

  9. Your father is right

    If not this girl, it would have been someone else. There is nothing special about her, it's not as if she came along and broke everything. Everything that your brother did has been coming for a long time.

    I hope that the family can get your brother into some therapy or counseling, it sounds like he is unhappy or that there is some problem in his life that he is suddenly trying to fix with all of the wrong things.

  10. I think this is a grey area of cheating. My morals tell me this is wrong and it's something I wouldn't do out of respect for my girlfriend.

  11. If you and your husband have the space and the joint income to be able to help your sister raise her newborn niece as a single mom, and your husband gets along OK with your sister, this should be a no-brainer. She is in great need, you love her dearly and want to take her in, and she's told you that she'd rather raise the baby with you in Florida than in California with your dad. Surely you can communicate all of those things to your husband, in a way that will make him want to be part of your sister's support team.

    I honestly can't imagine a more loving and nurturing environment for conceiving a baby of your own. You'll have your sister and best friend for added moral support throughout your pregnancy. Your future child will have a cousin just a year or two older as a close playmate, plus a live-in auntie who will soothe and rock and feed and change diapers for free whenever you and your husband want to go out on a date. And best of all, you'll be going through “Baby Boot Camp” with your niece, so adjusting to the sleep schedule of your own baby won't be nearly as difficult as it is for most first-time parents.

    It's certainly reasonable to encourage your sister to work at least part-time after a few months, or go back to college to develop marketable skills and complete her degree program if she left when she became pregnant. She can't expect to live free of charge in your house forever. Also, as a new resident, she'll develop a better social life (independent from your own) if she can get out of the house to meet new people and make new friends at school or at her workplace. Good luck, I hope it all works out!

  12. He wants to believe me but he has trust issues. Accusations have come up before, but things have gotten so much better but this triggered it again.

  13. You guys are engaged and had not had a heart to heart about kids? Communication between you is also bad. You should not storm out like a child when a topic you don't like comes up. That shuts down the conversation and no one gets anywhere.

    You should just have an earnest conversation with her if you want kids and say it's important to you and if she doesn't want that then the relationship won't work long term. You both need to be the same mind on such an important topic as kids.

  14. I’m not part of the friend group I’ve only went out with them three times. I only know 2 of the girls and most of his guy friends. Would’ve been nice to ask to come but I understand why he wouldn’t have. I won’t be rude or cold but I think distancing myself a little is for the best.

  15. Your boyfriend clearly has said nothing. That’s where your focus needs to be. You can cut them out of your life if you so choose. They treat you like shit and are disrespectful.

    But logically your boyfriend won’t want that and I happen. If that’s the case, he needs to stand up for you. If he doesn’t, you have a decision to make. Good luck.

  16. Yeah, Bella Ramsey and the Stranger Things actors are like 3 years younger than OP. OP is 10 years younger than her partner.

    It's a weird reason to accuse someone of that, even moreso when there's such a big gap in their actual real life relationship.

  17. I am going to get help. I realize that I may have been more obsessed than in love with him. But I do love and care for him which is why this is hurting me that I hurt him so bad.

  18. Why TF are you still calling him your boyfriend?

    Let me guess… You're paying most -or all- of the rent, his phone bill and buying his weed and booze?

    You buy the groceries too?

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