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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. we lived together for 3/4 at her dorm room, I was a sort of “clandestine guest” you would say

    We would like to have a family (she says it's her dream to have a baby with the guy she loves, and have a family). For me it's the same. She's the one. I cant see anyone else except for her

    Where we live is doesnt matter as long as we are together. We will go where we want. Finances: she thinks in a family we should put money together and not divide them as many couples do. We are both old fashioned in that sense.

  2. I disagree. I think the “current generation” accepts that people can have all kinds of relationships and you either trust someone or you don't and it's super unhealthy to get yourself enmeshed with JUST your spouse or partner.

    I'm a straight female and I have male friends. One of my best friends, as a matter of fact, is a man with a GF. I'm friends with her too but less close.

    Sometimes we all 3 do something. And it's fun.

    She understands and respects that he and I have a similar background and experiences that she doesn't share and we relate in a different way than they do.

    I understand and respect that their relationship. Even if I had some interest in him which I don't, that would be MY problem. I could either appreciate the friendship we DO have and what we CAN have together, or take some distance if it was too difficult for me.

    Of course if I were always telling him I had feelings for him she would have every right to be uncomfortable. But that's not the case. They're a couple, we're friends. It's a totally different relationship.

    And hell, he can get a woman's perspective about their relationship or just Things In General from me when he needs it.

    When I've been dating someone it's also never been much of an issue. If anything it's a litmus test. If a few weeks in some random stranger is “uncomfortable” with my friend of several years that nothing has ever happened with or starts accusing me, I yeet the date and keep my friend. Anyone who sees us together can see that if we DID try dating we'd probably kill each other because we're both very stubborn and competitive and trying to compromise and build a life together would be a disaster because neither of us would give an inch. But as friends, it's friendly banter and one upping each other.

    If we'd ever wanted to we would have by now. We're FRIENDS. Done and done. It has absolutely nothing to do with our respective partners when one or both of us have them.

  3. Your best bet in the US then is to hire a lawyer. You can’t make him delete them on your own, but with legal help (and a note from a doctor) you can not only force him to delete the images but also pay you damages for emotional distress. It’d be pricey but tbh I think it’s worthwhile if they’re your nude photographs and you don’t want them to be shared or even held over your head as blackmail

  4. First, you need to break up with your partner. It may be hard for you, but what you're currently doing is selfish, and if found out by your current partner could cause extreme emotional pain. You're currently emotionally cheating. That's cruel. Stop trying to selfishly have both. It's immature, inconsiderate, uncompassionate behavior. If you have any kind of respect and empathy toward your current partner, you'd let them go so that they can find someone that won't treat them like this.

    You need to leave your partner and not enter any new kind of relationship until you're over your ex as well. It's ok to not be over someone, but you need to take the time to get over them before entering new relationships. That's the only healthy thing you can do. Otherwise, you're just going to be hurting other people.

    Your ex shouldnt be doing this to her partner either. She's just as selfish and shitty as you. Both of you need to get more mature.

    Overall, again, break up with your current partner (idc if you love them, because again, if you had actual care, respect and compassion for them, their well-being, and their feelings, you wouldn't be doing this). You can't control what your ex does tho, so I can't offer much advice on that. She shouldn't be cheating, but she also shouldn't be in an abusive relationship. If she's being abused and is in a dangerous situation, there are plenty of organizations that may be willing to help. Domestic violence shelters may also be available around her, so I'd recommend she look into those.

  5. Have an abortion and leave this nasty messed up manipulative man.

    It’s not his parents talking it’s HIM. He hasn’t talked like this before due to being sober.

    Now he’s off the wagon he will start drinking more and abusing you more because this is the real him.

  6. You should tell your GF that you do not expect her to give head, or you don't expect doggy, but that you need her to be more active during sex in general. Lets be honest nobody likes a dead fish in bed.

    You guys really have to have an open & honest conversation. You either find a compromise to make sex enjoyable for the both of you, or you face the truth that you're not compatible.

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