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  1. 28 me and 22 f. 6 hours from eachother. Met on a dating app. Been together for almost 5 months. Have met once when i visited her. Best relationship i’ve had in my life so far and i dont wanna mess it up

  2. Is what he did dumb and reckless? Yes. What you did though is what abusers do. Plus you tried to justify your behavior. If you can’t argue with your partner without hitting him, you need help.

  3. Can I just address the size issue? For what it’s worth, a big schlong is no guarantee of great (or any) orgasms. My current partner is not the biggest I’ve been with but he’s actually the only man who’s been able to give me orgasms, and guess what? It wasn’t during penetration! I’d say the majority of orgasms for women do not happen through penetration (it’s certainly my experience, anyway). I’ve been with my partner for over 9 years and he’s never asked about the size of my previous partners. He knows he may not like the answer. Also I never bring it up, although if he asked I’d be honest.

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