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Coralina, James, Haley live sex chat

Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. I understand the numbers behind it and I have looked into it. You’re not wrong. I appreciate you offering me a question, it’s hard for me to ask myself that because I know her traveling for three months was a once in a life time event. There’s always a possibility at a future “work travel” or “bachelorette” party where she might cheat, but if I moved on the next girl could do the same.

    The question of if she will ever do it again, I don’t think she ever will. Weather it is with me or another partner, I truly feel she knows her mistake.

  2. Is it different on a google pixel?

    No. I have a Google Pixel 4 or 5 (and a work iPhone) and it does not allow applications that you do not have installed to send you notifications. If they were notifications from the Tinder app specifically then he still has it installed.

    Would it make a difference if it was just deleted verses uninstalled?

    Not sure I understand the distinction. You can “Remove” an app from your home screen or uninstall it. If he removed it from his home screen then the app is still installed, it just requires an extra step to access it from the list of installed apps. From what I understand, iPhones work in a similar way now with the App Library.

    It sounds like your BF is full of shit.

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