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Model from:

Languages: fr

Birth Date: 1995-07-17

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityEbony

Hair color: hairColorBlack

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Subculture: subcultureGlamour

Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. What the hell is with you people and making your partner give you updates! In the 80's and 90's before we had cell phones, you just let them go and do their thing and WHEN THEY GOT HOME they called to let you know they were home safe! Who wants to constantly be texting someone every hour “I'm still here drinking”…. “Now I'm at this place”….etc! I see more issues with this whole “give me updates” than most other issues. Why can't you just let that person go and have a day or night WITHOUT you! No one should have to put up with this amount of bullshit! And if you are so insecure and paranoid that you start thinking she's cheating… Then THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM and you need to work on it. You don't make your partner submit to updates and shit so you can be at ease! It's called TRUST…. Until you see otherwise…. leave her alone! FUCK! You kids and this cell phone bullshit! If it's not this “update” crap then you guys are whining about “she won't let me have her IG and TikTok info… What should I do” ! GROW UP!

  2. I would be super turned off by this tbh. As a man it’s really attractive to have a nonchalant attitude about something like this. Who knows, maybe she was gonna offer to split the bill when the check came. But to let her know you’re thinking about it ahead of time is kinda off putting. And how did she ask you out exactly? Was it really like her idea and everything or were you guys mutually talking about hanging out and she suggested the time and place?

  3. I gather that must be a cultural thing (here circumcision is only a last resort in case of a medical condition), but anyone doing body shaming is kicked out of my life no matter how long they’ve been with me.

    P.S. despite those cruel women, do read all the pros and cons of doing that procedure. Not just because of what other people think.

  4. Hey man, sorry to hear about your break-up. I know it sucks to lose a romantic partner and a friend group at the same time. I think you should give them some space and time to process what happened. Don’t try to force yourself into their lives or make them choose sides. Just be respectful and civil when you see them, and maybe reach out to the ones you’re closest with individually. If they’re really your friends, they’ll understand and appreciate your honesty. And if not, then maybe they’re not worth keeping around.

    You’re still young and have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. Just focus on yourself and your hobbies, and don’t let this break-up define you. You’ll get through this, bro. Stay strong and positive.

  5. Talking about what?

    seems like emotional cheating that’ll probably lead to real cheating.

    Lots of young girls like to have suitors lined up in case their first guy doesn’t work out.

    Snapchat is for nudes and removing things said. Why aren’t they just texting or using a text messenger that doesn’t delete everything said.

  6. Fear of loneliness is a huge reason why people stay in toxic relationships. If he's hit you in the past before hitting you again yesterday, there's no guarantee he won't do it again. It's best for you to walk away. Try thinking of all the abuse he's put you through. Do you really want to keep going through all that? Once you've left, take some time to heal and then try your luck getting out there. I wish you luck

  7. Bellis MA, Hughes K, Hughes S, Ashton JR (September 2005). “Measuring paternal discrepancy and its public health consequences”. J Epidemiol Community Health. 59 (9): 749–54. doi:10.1136/jech.2005.036517. PMC 1733152. PMID 16100312

  8. One of the things I am working on is that I realize I don't think of how others may see the situation vs myself. In my head I thought of it as if the results were reversed I would feel flattered that she was showing me off as long as there was no face seen and it was a random person not someone who knows her, not excusing what I did I know how stupid it was now and 100% regret it. I think I also got too caught up in the fact that if it was me it would be cheating, but its not so it's okay (again, really really stupid and I wish I had more relationship experience to understand my actions) Now I am working on trying to see things from other perspectives because in this case, it doesn't matter how I would feel at all because it wasn't about me and instead I should have asked her how she would feel first. I have been reaching to some people who I have haven't talked with in a while and luckily have been able to find some good people to talk to. I let them know the situation in an effort to keep myself accountable and they have been good listeners and helping me with advice. Main thing they have said is to give her space which hurts to think about, but I know it's right to do for her so I am trying to stay busy

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