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  1. Speaking from someone with experience-tell her. If she trusts him, it’ll be fine. IF they really weren’t together, she’ll get over it. My FH and I were FWB before becoming official. He only slept with one other person, and a week later asked me to be his girlfriend. I didn’t find out until a few months after the fact. Please tell her NOW so she knows ahead of time. Finding out after the fact is way harder I PROMISE. (Obviously we’re okay, planning a wedding and such. But it was definitely a ‘bump in the road’ so to speak.)

  2. Weird that you compare showing off nipple piercings to necessary doctors check ups.

    Even weirder that this thread is “No big Dealing” and demonizing OP for him not being comfortable with his partner showing her tits to another person simply because it happens to be another woman??

    I personally wouldn't care if my gf did it, but reddit completely disregarding the boyfriend's boundaries is WIIIIIILD. It wasn't a doctor's visit. She didn't have a wardrobe malfunction, she SHOWED HER TITS/NIPPLES. If OPs boyfriend got a King Arthur and showed his woman friend, it's crazy how vastly different these comments would be.

    There is a clear cut gender bias in this subreddit, and it's toxic as fuck.

  3. Girl you’re ten years older than her. She will never accept you, more than likely. She thinks you’re a joke.

  4. Who the fuck wants to go on a gym date,

    “Hi hunny! instead of buying you flowers and taking you to that concert you want to go to I thought we could both ourselves uncomfortable on a treadmill with a load of strangers while we both wear headphones and don’t talk to each other”

  5. I'm really sorry but you should assume that money is gone. Not that you shouldn't ask her to pay you back, but I think your propensity for being bad with money regarding partners has struck once again.

  6. Dude seriously?! Who buys a friend a car without talking about it with them first? I think the husband's reaction is totally normal here. I'd be apoplectic if someone bought my wife a car. That's my job, not his.

  7. I am making a case for people who need to say good-bye to someone

    are much like people who need to say “Hello” to someone.

    I think you need to be feeling happy for your friend.

  8. There are two issues here, one you can work on on your own, the other he'd have to be willing to put some emotional labor into. It's never fair to put our own insecurities into the arena as something that affects our relationships. They're ours alone to deal with, usually with a therapist. No one can make you feel better about yourself but you. Then there's the lying he did. Doesn't really matter what he lied about or how important/unimportant that issue was. Just the fact that he lied is something you need to contend with. Not because you harbor insecurities that aren't his fault and can only be resolved by you (and your counselor). But because he made a promise to you and he willfully failed to live up to that. So don't confuse the two. You drew a line on porn, whether for valid reasons or not, and he agreed to toe that line – but didn't. So talk about the lying and the trust. Just don't make it all about these body insecurities of yours that he can't do anything about.

  9. Your husband should be stepping up to his family on this one. You don't really even have a MIL problem you have a MIL problem. Why would your husband even be OK with them “just trolling” you?? Someone telling you you're too sensitive knows there is malfeasance afoot but they don't want to deal with it, so they are happy to pull the too sensitive card on you hoping you'll back down. Scripts for you: “That's weird!” “Huh, I'll think about that.” “you're just joking? But jokes are supposed to be funny…? “

  10. This is exactly what I see as well. It's like she's a sex doll. He mentions she does things to indicate she wants sex – “like cooking a nice dinner or wearing sexy underwear”. What does HE do to get her in the mood? Getting that response when you ask someone what intimacy is like for his wife is very telling.

    Idk, maybe I'm reading too far into things but the post skeeves me out a little and I'd love to hear OP's wife's side, because I have a feeling she's not satisfied and is just going through the motions with someone who is basically a sex addict.

  11. “Hey, I appreciate that you take the time to tell me when someone hits on you, but I often see it as something insignificant. I trust you. You are always welcome to share that info, but you shouldn't feel like you have to. Do you feel it necessary to share it every time?”

  12. What about a girl that dated interracially do you not like?

    You much not think your racist but that in itself self shows you hold racial biases.

  13. Yeah my fiancé will cuddle me in the middle of the night and grab a boob or if I’m big spoon, he will put my hand in his peen. I don’t think he is conscious when he does it and if he is, he doesn’t remember it in the morning.

  14. well yes, that is unfortunately true. I clearly need to start working on what and how to tell them this sooner rather than later. thank you for your input.

  15. You stop obsessing about him and focus on your own person, your own schooling, and a part time job. Don't smother him.

  16. So, this friend is sharing with you, a married man, all of her baggage about being in a sexless and unappreciated marriage? Sounds very “close” to me.

    If my wife did what you are doing, I would be upset too.

  17. How is your moral compass so fuck up that you think going on dates with someone you don't intend to date to “spare her feelings”? What about after 2 or 3 good dates ? Will her feelings will be spare when you just drop on her that you don't want to date anymore ?

    You Very sensibly tell her that she seems to be wonderful girl but you are in no place of mind to date Now Because of x or y.

  18. You are not a failure if your marriage fails.

    You are not responsible for him.

    You are allowed to have whatever feelings you are feeling because you are more than a wife and a mom. You are still a human with your own needs.

    You are not being selfish, this is self preservation.

    You deserve happiness.

    Your kids deserve stability, even if that's with only you.

  19. You're 19 and are about to have 4 kids under the age of 5? JFC. I have tried to come up with some advice to give you, but I've got nothing. Good luck?

  20. Talk to a lawyer, file for divorce.

    Every time she says she is going to kill herself, call for a mental health check!

  21. Have you tried, i dont know, fighting for your kids?

    It's time OP. Time to man up. Your children's mother is not your boss. Stop being a victim and start standing up for yourself and your kids. All of them. No one is going to do it for you.

  22. Yea… get an annulment. This guy is a douche and left u on your wedding night…. no fucking way id let that stand.

  23. You are right. He really feels you are a s**t or a c**t. He's not joking, and he's also not sorry.

    What baffles me is why you are still with him. Why would you want to be with a person that disrespect you like that.

  24. Yeesh, your gf has an awful friend yet she fails to see it. I don't think you did anything wrong. Wouldn't be surprised if the friend is trying to gaslight your gf into dumping you.

  25. basically In the first month of us dating me and my friends were out and they suggested we go to meet up with girls and I said no I have a girlfriend, I had a panic attack and my girlfriend was on the phone talking to me and he told her don’t talk to me because I’m having a panic attack and then hung up on her.

  26. You did apologise, but at the end of the day, he should have dealt with it a long time ago.give him space and give it time.

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