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Date: September 28, 2022

9 thoughts on “Butterflybooty live webcams for YOU!

  1. You’re totally in the right there for sure. Are you sexually trying to fulfill his needs maybe that’s why he’s resorting to porn? Or maybe he is just addicted…

  2. Never said it was lol its her grandchild? IS that asking alot? Her first and only grandchild and apparently babies don't deserve anything bc they're too young? Sounds a bit harsh to me but okay my bad lol

  3. Not really when he’s only around the kid on Sunday nights ! (Before this month, which puts him only around the kid for 8 days of 30)

  4. Wtf? I almost got into medicine and am kinda glad I didn't have to deal with this. I am waiting for the day I no longer have a uterus as my cramps are so painful I am immobilized. I only keep for now just because I want kids. Luckily my birth control can keep my period away.

  5. Fair, I didn’t think of dating pools specifically for asexuality. If that what she wants she should absolutely search for someone who’s needs align with hers. But agree, husband should leave her.

  6. You’re clutching at straws here. A relationship works because both people in it want to spend as much time as the can to get. This isn’t learned behaviour, it’s natural.

  7. Trying to control other people's narratives is a wasted effort. It can never be achieved. OP can go on living well and it will work out just fine.

  8. A good rule to have in life- don’t waste time on people who need “fixing”. You’re not a rehab center, you’re not a psychiatrist, you’re not his mother. His issues need all of the above and you need none of his issues in your life.

    Girl don’t go giving up your peace for an abusive alcoholic with a hairpiece like damn

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