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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. honestly that doesn’t even count for much because family will lie or stay quiet in loyalty to him. happened to me. his own friends smiled in my face knowing full well he was a married man

  2. What will actually break you? Leaving and being free to heal and get to a place where you can be your own person and not constantly at the mercy of others, or losing yourself to a relationship where you can’t even seek the most basic comfort without being screamed at?

    It’ll hurt, but you’re already hurting, and it’ll hurt a lot longer if you stay.

  3. Its better to do it now and let the healing process begin than to keep both of you in this any long where you're unhappy. It sucks but I was strung along for a few months because my fiance didn't have the balls. It sucked and it just made it take longer for me to get on with my life and meet someone new. Its kind of a mercy thing if you want to think about it that way, coming from the other side of the coin. i'm not sure if you were both on the same page on the engagement but if it gets brought up in the conversation.. lesson learned about popping the question so soon I suppose.

    Hope everything goes well. You can do it.

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