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Date: September 28, 2022

16 thoughts on “CattherinNooa live webcams for YOU!

  1. You say he's not THAT nice but people will surprise you. You need to throw out everything you THINK you know. People do shit that never makes sense. People are unpredictable. You think you know a person and they could be a whole 180 degrees my man. You can have sex with people you don't date. It's not about whether they could have had each other years ago. Because weed and alcohol is enjoyable, ESPECIALLY with someone you are comfortable with. It doesn't make sense because you are on the inside looking out brother. What do you think happens when two people smoke and drink alone at someone's house by themselves? Seriously. What would you tell your friend if he told you his gf did this?

  2. Nothing you are mentioning seems over the top EXCEPT offering to be your couples therapist. That’s a complete conflict of interest and she should know better. Because of that alone, she loses all credibility and it makes all of the other things seem weird too.

  3. Whether it’s official yet or not, it definitely sounds like the end. The fat lady might not be singing, but she’s clearing her throat.

  4. ‘I want a divorce because you cheated on me and I never got over it. It broke my trust and it never came back. We are over. I am divorcing you. You can make it easy and play along and so the decent thing, or I can have a ruling in my favour for your infidelity. Your choice.’

  5. Why isn't he trying to build a closer friendship with you? He is monkey-branching – he won't let go of you until he knows he has a firm grasp on the new girl. Let him freefall – cut him off now! Good luck!

  6. I might possibly agree with you if he didn't immediately ask her to stop and try to push her off of him. Her headspace about her birth control and possibly getting pregnant shouldn't matter here. I don't care how good your BC is, God himself could tell her she couldn't get pregnant and she shouldn't just assume that's an okay thing to do to a partner, and even if she did or was blinded by it or didn't communicate that, she should have stopped when he asked. Whether or not she can get pregnant has nothing to do with the situation imo.

  7. Honestly, I’m not always 100% happy…but the last two years have been tough. Our oldest son has battled addiction (1 year sober and doing amazing, but being a sober 22 year old college student presents it’s own challenges). I have thought many times that if he left me I would be ok, and that is what freaks me out…is it normal to feel that way?

  8. Time to embrace your in-laws and leave this rabble behind. Also please get into therapy. Part of this drama is happening because you're actively feeding into it – and you don't have to do that. You aren't as insane as your sister or as vile as your parents, you can do this without their input – or lack thereof.

  9. You don’t.

    You leave him.

    Take time to process everything, and then find yourself someone who will treat you with the love and respect that you deserve.

  10. Honestly, I’m not sure how to resolve the situation because what he did was in the past and I do believe he wouldn’t do it again in the future so I do believe in changed behaviour but it still hurts that I’m finding out about his shady stuff now and it’s just changing my perspective of him. I want him to just try more because he knows I’m upset with his actions so I don’t really want a text apology saying oh I’m sorry like I think I want him to actually show me hes sorry.

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