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  1. “Jokingly” remind them that selling their child is not only morally bankrupt, it’s actually illegal.

    After that, every time it comes up you can “joke” back, “Do I need to call child services?” and “Hey, if I want a kid I’ll DIY it, I won’t need to buy one.”

  2. Why would you cut your babies dick? Are you from part of the world where its customs? I mean, I had a problem with my ding dong and started checking about circumcising. After some time and all the feedback from people that had it, my dick still whole

  3. Bruh… you need to talk to eachother and come to the agreement of being exclusive. That has nothing to do with “training” him.

  4. Has he ever apologized for his behavior when he was drunk? He seems to be continuing that behavior, too. This sounds like verbal abuse or that type of behavior. I couldn’t imagine ever saying that to ANYONE, let alone my SO. You’re being completely reasonable and it seems like he’s continuing his toxic behaviors.

  5. I think it’s okay for him to request this, I know many men who raise a kid and then find out years later it wasn’t theirs. Do you know what these men believed? That their partner was loyal. It sucks to find out that a kid you raised was never yours to begin with.

    It’s not a dig against whether you’re loyal or not, unless for some reason he genuinely believes you will cheat, in that case just break up with him, but it’s more so a confirmation of sorts. if you never cheated then it should be no problem to do a paternity test after all, so why the fuss? I feel like fighting him on this will only prove to him mind that you WOULD cheat, so neither side wins. Break up with him, your morals in this case do not align

    I can understand the “you don’t trust me” argument because it sucks when you’re not trusted, but if it’s really an issue then just don’t have a kid with this man. There will be men out there who will not require a paternity test. Not only that, but my bf for example wanted to see in person my drivers license because it felt better for him to say ah yes it exists rather than rely entirely on me telling him that I passed the test. Thing is, I didn’t show it to him, I just told him to drive. Issue with that is that it just didn’t make sense for me to get mad over it, as it was simply a peace of mind, not him mistrusting me. These are different situations though, cheating is no joke, and even joking about cheating could cause mistrust. Joking about not actually having a license is completely different.

    But again, peace of mind. If trust is broken in this relationship or it seems he actually believes you’d cheat on him, break up with him, it’s not worth it to not be trusted your whole relationship

  6. She’s having a hard time internalizing her partners new identity because she’s a heterosexual and her partner is no longer a man. So if a man says I’m no longer a man anymore it would make sense to not have that attraction as a heterosexual female. Get it?

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