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  1. You didn’t end it with him over her, you ended it over him and his behaviour. She could dance around naked and if he responded appropriately with boundaries that respected you, it wouldn’t matter. Instead, he’s prioritized a friendship with her over your respective relationships, and disregarded your feelings repeatedly, even inserting himself into her relationship where her husband should be standing up.

    You’ve done right by yourself.

  2. I can get why he would say not when you’re together. Why do you have to discuss it with him? Are you going to Amsterdam together?

  3. Make a plan on what you're doing to make sure it never happens again .

    It should be a long term plan not therapy for a month.

    And then present it to her and wait for her decision and she's allowed to change her mind.

    You obviously don't understand your own actions. So you should probably want therapy . Win win

  4. Second the hug. And don’t let go the first time she tries to pull out of it. Squeeze a little tighter, a little longer.

  5. Well what are the chances she’s gonna hear it from somewhere else? If yes, wouldn’t it be better to get ahead of the narrative?

  6. You know what lack of morality when in consideration of fraud landed me? Thousands in debt, thanks to my own damn parents. He does need to prove himself because fraud within family happens.

  7. 100% rape.

    He kept going when you said no.

    He fucking choked you when you said no again. (Btw. The stats on your safety after a partner chokes you are TERRIFYING I am genuinely concerned for you in this relationship.)

    He physically hurt you while having sex (rough sex is fine if both parties WANT that, you didn’t even want vanilla sex).

    He saw you crying AND KEPT FUCKING GOING.

    This is horrifying. I am horrified and do so sad this happened to you. This is not air quotes rape – this is textbook rape. You DO NOT try to get over it, you definitely leave this relationship.

    You reply to him and you say: I told you I didn’t want to have sex, he held me down, choked me, and forced yourself into me. You physically hurt me and when you saw me crying you kept going. Do you agree that’s what happened?

    And then you wait for him to confirm that did indeed happen in text (but don’t continue engaging with him, don’t argue about the excuses he gives or say anything else to him in that text thread). You then reach out to an adult you trust. Parent. Teacher. Coach. And you tell them what happened. You show them his text confirming what he did and you get that persons help and support to break up with him.

    Do not break up with him in private. Do not give him any chances to explain. Do not keep having conversations with him. Tell him his choice to ignore your wishes, to see his desire for sex as more important than your personhood and his complete lack of care and respect for you and your feelings means this relationship is done.

    I won’t tell you to report to the police because I know that process can be even more traumatizing and so needs to be your decision, but you need some support and care so maybe look into programs that help sexual assault victims.

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