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  1. Yes, it's bad. You are likely not the only little girl he manipulated and exploited for his personal gratification. I would recommend making a report- even if nothing comes of it- because he COULD be or could have been doing worse things.

  2. Well, you're not ready, so simply tell him so, but that you'd like to reconsider the idea in the future (once you're out of the early honeymoon stage and know each other better).

  3. It's not a huge leap considering murdering a gay person for hitting on you was a valid legal defence to reduce your sentencing in Australia until 2020.

    There's a lotta places in the developed world where violence against homosexuality is not treated by the law appropriately.

  4. Does your ex know where you live or where you work? Will he try to visit you because he sounds abusive?

  5. Look I'm a het dude and if my woman said what your gf said… I'd be instantly done.

    Please have self respect and dump this woman asap. (Assuming you don't have some horrible family genetic legacy of course.)

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