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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Well you are being shitty and making other people s lives shittier, i guess you like it that way, dirty not committed and with a lot of issues :))

  2. Welp. I married a woman who does NOT like surprises. I got you X, well, “why didn't you get me Y?” Totally ungrateful. So I don't try to surprise her any more. She gives me a list of stuff, and I pick. No surprises, and no hurt feelings. Mostly.

  3. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    She’s 35, we’ve been together for a year.

    Her father has been married 5x. He had 2 children from his first marriage in 1980, twins a boy and girl. His first wife divorced him when he cheated on her with a younger woman who he impregnated in ‘87. Their mother got custody of the twins but they had visitations with the dad every weekend over night, He SA’d his first born daughter from age 2-18.

    My fiancé was the child of the affair from the first marriage with the younger woman (her mother who was 18) born in ‘87. Her mom remained married to him for 10 years and then divorced him. My fiancé was the golden child, she was pitted against the first born daughter, given lavish gifts, called pretty, princes and Angel while her older sister was called fat etc. she was fiercely defensive of her father. When her older sister would act out due to the abuse, my fiancé would defend their dad and say her sister was an ungrateful brat. My fiancé got limos for her birthday, vacations in the Bahamas and Mexico, a car for her 16th bday, etc.

    Fiancé’s mom moved out and remarried when my fiancé was 10. Her dad got married again, and then divorced and then got married for the 4th time in 1996. He had a daughter with this wife. Same pattern occurred as with his first born daughter, SA from 2-18. Again he pitted his middle daughter (my fiancé) against his youngest. My fiancé would call her an ungrateful brat, a bitch, and tell her to respect their dad. Whenever her younger sister acted out she bullied her.

    My fiancé found out in 2019 that her dad had abused her sisters, when they both came forward with the same story. She cut off her dad for 5 months. But as soon as her birthday rolled around in ‘20 and he made a FB post about her being his princess and favorite daughter she thanked him for the post. She also accepted money and gifts from him for her birthday. So her silence didn’t last long.

    Now she uses SA as an excuse for her bad behavior when we have an argument. She claims to have PTSD and trauma from them being SA’d, even though it never happened to her and she lived with her mother. She also weirdly plays into the trope of the strong woman who survived SA, which is not a trope for real victims, but it’s become her identity. She says she identifies with the characters from the movie “girl interrupted”, she posts things on FB that say “I used to wrestle with my demons but now we cuddle” and “I’ve spent my whole life struggling and surviving but now it’s my time to live”. Again, to reiterate, she was the golden child, her sisters were the scapegoats and she was not abused in anyway. She even told me that her youngest sister born in ‘97 confided in her that their dad physically abused her while my fiancé was in college. My fiancé didn’t intervene or help her sister and told me “it was none of my business, I loved my dad and figured she was just being a brat, I wasn’t going to condemn my dad”

  4. Out of left field, but is there someone he knows with the same starting letter / name as your sister that the picture could have been for? And when he sent it to the wrong person, the only answer he had was “Oh! That was.. uh.. for my wife?” Sister wasn't the intended target, but neither were you? People suck. Good luck OP.

  5. They believe their religion. They're not going to renounce it and damn themselves to an eternity in hell (in their view) just for the “carrot” of some possible family time.

  6. Don’t meet him. He just wants to rid himself of his guilt—don’t let him. He willingly threw away your relationship, apparently for another woman because I bet anything he was talking to her before he broke up with you.

    Get your duckies in a row and the only reason to talk from this point on is to start separating your lives. Don’t let him string you along. Stand up for yourself and have some self-worth.

    He did this.

    He wanted this freedom.

    Fine, let him go find his freedom.

    Enough giving him the power to hurt you again and again.

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