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  1. Using mental Illness as leverage is emotional abuse OP. Like the other commenters have said, I think you know it’s over buddy.

  2. Yes I know. I did not expect A would change because I was already preparing to tell him properly and break up with him.

  3. The man you are with sounds like an incompetent entitled child.

    I work, clean, cook and still got time to rest. My partner does the same. We either do it together, or she does it then I do it, and we repeat.

    I cook better, she cleans better, I earn more, she works less. I shop more, she shops better, We exist.


  4. What do you have to gain by telling him? Would it make the relationship stronger if you told him, or would it create some unnecessary drama. The only reason I can think of to tell would be if you still had feelings for the person you went on a date with.

  5. If you have so many doubts and only feel invigorated after you two are apart, why stay? He doesn't seem like a considerate person, so breaking up with him is your best solution. You're 19. You have enough time to find another man. Take what you learned from this relationship and use it to weed out men who don't fit your standards.

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