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  1. He won’t allow a joint account

    My wages are transferred into his bank account

    I'm sorry but, as an outsider, this is super concerning. He's essentially running a joint account that you don't have access to. It's one thing if you don't have access to his money. But your OWN?? That's a huge red flag. Additionally, you say he's only abusive 10% of the time, but the things you describe sound like a constant thing. Sure they may take up a short period of his time in the day (like the eye rolling etc) but I'm almost sure they take up waaay more of your day since you have to restructure how you think/talk/behave in order to not upset him or whatever.

  2. You want to tell the wife so she leaves him and you can have him. Please. You don’t care about that woman’s feelings. You willingly had an affair with a married man and NOW you don’t want to hurt her? Shameful. Leave her the hell alone

  3. Not your fault.

    It is 90% Jacob’s fault. He is a creep who likes kids. At 30+ feeling attraction to a 20yo is weird AF.

    Then 10% Ellie’s fault. True that she was vulnerable and easy to manipulate by a older dude, but she should have told you about her feelings before anything happened. Best friends shouldn’t keep secrets.

    I would first talk to Ellie to find out if she feels remorse, if she will get an abortion (really, too young and irresponsible to be a parent) and tell her that she could have told you before the fact and you wouldn’t have judged her feelings but would have helped her not make this horrible mistake.

    Your sister needs now all the support she can get, and you need to keep all the evidence she will need for the divorce case. I hope she divorces him and gets a huge child support agreement.

  4. I don't care if you were sitting in the middle of a dark room doing absolutely nothing. The fuck is wrong with your family for not only showing up uninvited, not only ignoring your clearly stated wishes of being Long, BUT LETTING THEN INTO YOUR FUCKING HOUSE??!

  5. That is not an apology for his actions. That is a terrible apology he is apologizing that she took offense at action. What a terrible being this creep is. What were you thinking this terrible person the victims number?

    Well I hope your soon to be ex gf after she dumps your ass takes some lovely self defense classes, I know that there are plenty around going free.

  6. Just want to give you some respect for your maturity. I was nowhere near as mature at your age, or 10 years later for that matter.

    Thank you for acknowledging her feelings, your feelings, both ‘readiness’, and how impactful abortion* can be. I respect your approach to care for both of your feelings. I recommend you talk to your doc as a trusted source on birth control, often trusting one source is easier than looking at a poll of random people.

    *I’m pro choice with awareness of impact.

    P.S. I do offer a sarcastic and dirty answer, but respectfully only offer if you ask for it thru DM.

  7. This is not ethical non-monogomy. This is teenage drama being played out by (apparently) adults.

    Give my someone “permission” to cheat because they are trying to cheat is just extending the agony of a dying relationship. Fun for the drama mill when you are 18, a bit tragic in your mind 20s.

    You won't find happiness in this relationship.

  8. You women want to date older men for selfish reasons. Then complain when it doesn't go your way. Kind of deserved IMO.

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