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  1. it's teen redditors who are even less mature than her and know nothing of “working on relationships”, and boomer redditors who've forgotten what it's like navigating relationships as teens

    (speaking as a boomer myself, who does remember, before anyone starts telling me to cut the ageism)

  2. As someone who had pretty much the exact same timeframe: yes. We're still together (not married) 3,5 years in but it's not been easy. Couple's counseling is a good idea.

  3. He should absolutely dump you. You said exchanging jewelry , but you actually meant him getting you a ri g and you getting him nothing… so no exchange as you put it.

    6-7 percent of his income , which is?

    It seems like he was never fine with it, since he vehemently disagreed with you.

    What it does seem like is you expect this expensive ass “once in a lifetime gift” and are going to give nothing in return.

    So yeah , I’d be kicking you the curb since your so caught up on only the ring and it’s cost.

  4. It's not wrong to think of the future if you're serious about each other. I did got married at this age, it's never too early to talk about what environment and how you'll raise your kids (if you wanted kids).

    I can't blame you wanting to cut out the toxic from your relationship, but it will be hard for your partner to see, that is all he ever knew before you.

    It's not controlling or wrong. But it could also mean you're not compatible.

  5. Cheating is whatever two people agree is outside of the bounds of their relationship. If you weren't in a relationship at that time, it's not cheating. But if you feel guilty about it, I'd suggest talking to her about is you don't carry around this guilt forever.

  6. “he's always been strange; I just attribute it to his high libido when he gets pissy after failing to rape me in my sleep” Jesus Christ

  7. Yes. I had success with gifts at one point by taking her exactly what I wanted. I think that’s the only thing that’s going to work.

  8. You fix it by leaving. He doesn't see you as a person, not fully. Not if he can disregard anatomy and tell you to make yourself tighter.

  9. Just be supportive and loving and reassure them as much as possible that you know sometimes it’s hard, having a new baby, and you hope they’re doing okay and hanging in there together, and if they ever need anything, even just someone to vent to, you’re there and you love them, everyone has moments as a new parent where you feel lost or desperate but if you ever need anything you just need to reach out and the people who love you want to be there for you. And don’t give any advice unless they specifically ask, just offer love and respect for them as grown adults.

  10. Thanks. My dad keeps telling me that it isn't my fault either, but it's just hard sometimes. I've been feeling so guilty.

    I'm also considering whether I should tell my siblings or not. On one hand, I feel like they have the right to know, and they're always asking me what's happening, but on the other hand, I feel like it's not my place to say.

  11. If you like her, don’t let it bother you. It happened BYR (before your relationship).

    People had lives before you arrived on the scene.

    I would just keep it to myself, and if either one ever mention it, just say you already know.

  12. I wouldn't even bother talking to him about it anymore. I'd just be setting everything up to divorce. Document, appt with lawyer, separate finances, arrange new accommodation.

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