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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Your gf royally fucked you. Also, why in god's name would you move in with someone without being on the lease ? This way you're as disposable as a fucking plant.

    You just have to tell her everything. If she starts crying and says it's her fault, well she will be correct cause it is her fault. Your parents suck as well btw.

  2. That’s fair I see what your saying. And no we aren’t really but we really love each other so it’s very up and down

  3. You wouldn’t be a bad person if you went alone. I sometimes wonder “why wasn’t I invited” when I see my friends somewhere without me but then I realize that sometimes plans are made during outings where I’m not out with them because maybe I decided to stay home that night and then they didn’t revisit the invite list after the initial planning or something like that.

    Or maybe they just wanted a smaller more specific group of people and it might not have even crossed their mind to invite me.

    I overthink it sometimes but ultimately I have to trust that my friends DO like me because they certainly reach out and invite me to stuff still.

    Also raising my hand to go with you on the trip. ??‍♀️?? I’m a killer travel partner 😉

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