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  1. So there's clearly a lot more going on than what is in your post. Is he expecting you to pay for things that are expensive for him?

  2. For those of you who have answered truly thanks, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety when I made this post and reading through your comments has helped me realize a lot of things.

  3. You can check messages 🙂 I'm not comfortable posting it here as I think it'll be obvious for anyone around us

  4. As long as he doesn't keep having sex with them every is fine I think

    It might be a bit unsettling because It's understandable that you didn't expect that, but I don't think anything here is a “redflag” per say

    While you can't control how you feel and that's normal, you can however decide how these feelings are expressed. You should have a conversation about it to your boyfriend and tell him that you need him to reassure you (and hopefully you or him find a way to do that) because it's affecting you : You were hurt before, and it would be a great thing if he could understand that

  5. There’s no working it out in my mind. He cheated not once, but multiple times over a period of time and never came clean. He was willing to marry you and take that secret to his deathbed. The deception alone would make it extremely hard to ever trust him again.

  6. I’m sorry to say, but it strikes me that you’ve become the third wheel in your relationship. You need to have a serious conversation about his timeline. And right now, it’s HIS timeline and not yours, unfortunately.

    Have the conversation away from the house. Go get coffee (no alcohol) together or go for a walk or go to a park. WITHOUT his brother. Tell him you are in it for the long haul, but right now you feel like the third wheel. Tell him you love that he and his brother are so close, but that you feel as if his relationship with you is more roommate than romantic.

    Ask him outright when he believes he’ll have saved enough money to no longer live as 3 people. Ask him outright if he plans to live separately from his brother. Ask him outright if there is room for you in his life.

    Don’t give him an ultimatum. But make sure he knows the current situation is untenable in the long term.

    But don’t forget about you. Are you willing to wait for him to maybe one day no longer live with his brother? What if he doesn’t ever intend to live without his brother? Are you okay with that being your future?

  7. That makes no sense. So because he didn’t settle with his first gf means he’s an arsehole?

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