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Date: October 3, 2022

8 thoughts on “NicoleGracee live webcams for YOU!

  1. There is no compromise here. There is no nice way to break up when she gaslights you each and every time you try to. She doesn’t want sex and you do, there is no middle ground.

    Look up Gray Rock and use that to help you break up with her.

  2. He's clearly abusive, get an abortion, leave him, and never look back. Block all contact.

    He will try and fuck with you, call you names, make himself the victim, guilt you. And once he realized none of that is working he may become angry and violent.

    These are all traits of abusers and Narcissists.

    Plan your exit strategy to get everything separated and out of his place in 1 day, and if you can (and I really really recommend it) bring a friend or family. They don't even need to help you, they are your witness if your boyfriend tries to assault you, they are there to make sure the transition happens smoothly. Once you are out then figure out what happens then, you can have a week or two rest period between leaving him and finding a safe place to stay, doesn't all need to happen in a day. Just have someone you trust help you through the first half.

  3. Hugs. Stay strong Very proud of is hard leaving abusive relationships.

    I got out..felt like I was climbing out of a pit..and ended up going back… The last time was when he pulled a gun was like he knew I was getting help to get out.

    Mine was physical and mental abuse.

    And they do a number on your self esteem.


  4. He was trying to change to make you happy, he tried, but people cannot change their preferences, you asking him to go the creator his life without a blowjob is the EXACT same as him asking you to learn to like giving blowjobs- just like you said you tried giving them and never grew to like them, he tried living without them and never grew to be satisfied without them. That does not make him a bad person, anymore than not liking blow Jobs makes you a bad person, and he has every right to change his mind about it as well. The first thing I wrote to you still stands- you are not compatible- stop trying to control and change each other and go find someone who hates getting blowjobs as much as you hate giving them- then you can be happy, and your BF can go find someone to be happy as well- the other option is to keep doing the same thing and making each other miserable.

  5. You should never be violent! Wtf kinda of fucked up world do you live in OP?

    At least your gf is going to be able to leave this situation before you end up purposefully being violent to her.

  6. Maybe get the context of the photo from him. 14 year old boys do lots of dumb stuff. He may have been just goofing around with a sharpie.

  7. “Her friend, her bf” she tried to shut him down and this guy is alone while your gf has a friend and her friends bf to help get rid of this guy and his “unwanted advances” on a “girls night out” when her friend and that friends bf are there. The math isn't really mathing very well to me. She's lying to you. Tell her you know she's lying because you saw the messages on her phone, and I bet she reacts in the same manipulative way of playing the victim card, or gets mad at you for looking through her phone w/o permission.

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