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Date: September 29, 2022

10 thoughts on “Connierouse live webcams for YOU!

  1. Either whoever did the asking pays or it’s split. But tbh dude, it sounds like you’re wasting your time with her. If she’s going to be like this before the first date then she’s not properly into you or is fickle af.

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  3. During a time when you haven't just had sex, sit her down and say “I've told you i don't like that, and you are violating my consent. I will break up with you if you continue to assault me.” If she laughs at youbduring this conversation, tell her it's over.

    No means no. Stop means stop. Don't stay with anyone who refuses to accept that.

  4. Is it? I just think he doesn’t want to hurt her or blindside her at a public event that he also has a stake in (business partner)

  5. She gets to make you confused, possibly ruin your female friendships and mess with your head.

    Stop taking to her.

  6. Tbh I wouldn't still have your items if I were her so it's possible that she got rid of it and has decided not to speak to you again.

  7. Your boyfriend won’t “allow” you to buy a toy?

    Are you dating your dad?

    Won’t allow you?

    To hell with that noise.

  8. I hate these bachelor(ette) parties. I feel like people are peer pressured into doing things they wouldn't normally do. But now they've done it and who knows whether that will influence them to do it again

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