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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. He had dogs growing up and he’s missed having one in the house for years. I’d say it’s pretty sage to say that it was a mutual decision.

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  3. How high is your fever? I don't think she needs to stay home with you to keep you company. You should sleep. But I wouldn't leave my husband with a high fever. Also, with Covid still causing mayhem your wife should definitely test you, and herself before she goes out.

  4. My girlfriend used to complain about her underwear being wet when we went out after sex.

    That never happens?

  5. Tampering with condoms is awful, he literally wants to impregnate you against your will.

    Don't salvage this, he is not worth keeping.

  6. Because most of us have a personal rule of we don't tolerate infidelity, so we would never advise someone else to.

  7. Being raped is never cheating and you really need to get away from these awful people.

    If boyfriend had an ounce of self awareness he’d know that part of why you wouldn’t tell him is because he doesn’t show any care towards you. He only cares in relation to himself.

  8. Yes exactly!! IUI is cheaper and easier on the body. But if she does not want to do that she doesn’t have to. Many people find gyne procedures intrusive and many doctors suggest hormones during IUI so it will take which affect mood and the long term effects have not been studied. Don’t do anything you don’t want to OP. Its not worth it. Not to be dramatic but If you are traumatized it will be hard to bond with the baby.

  9. I keep thinking these are AI generated. They always include a couple of details that just make no sense with an overall tone that doesn’t reflect any feelings about the situation.

  10. Don't waste your time worrying about what they are doing. Just focus on you and that you escaped a bad relationship.

  11. reassuring me and insisting I’m too sensitive

    This is a funny way to say gaslighting. For whatever reason she doesn't want to have sex with you. You deserve a partner that does. She's not a good fit

  12. I understand this, I think I need a way to help my wife move through this stage of her life, kids are leaving the nest soon and it's all quite emotional.

  13. He’s definitely a do it the last minute type of person but last year we had no issue making plans at all

  14. Ok well you could’ve just said he’s not the one and leave it at that. But you’re literally mad so,,, sorry I triggered anger. And furthermore I haven’t asked him to pay any $ on my loan yet. I don’t expect that until marriage.

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